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Parallel Universes / Selves


Geoff R.:
HI Dave, great idea to set up the forum. Was wondering if the concept of parallel universes / selves might warrant its own section?

Sure thing. I'll add it.

Thanks for the suggestion.


My understanding is that politics/current events as a subject is discouraged in the channeling sessions. However, years ago I remember attending chanellings by JP Hulle in Orinda in which current events were discussed in light of Michael's wisdom, and it was quite insightful and enlightening. If anyone has comments on current events in light of the Michael teachings, I would certainly like to see it.

Chiara DB:
Personally, I prefer not to deal with channeling of current events because it is inevitably colored by the strongly held personal opinions of the channel. Then everyone starts scrambling to find a way to interpret the channeling to show that Michael actually confirms their personal beliefs. What better imprimatur, short of God, could you get to show that you are right?  These beliefs often involve conspiracy theories and the firm belief that The Side I Don't Agree With Is Clearly Evil and Bent On The Destruction Of All That is Good and True in the World. No thank you  - let's not mess up a good thing.


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