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To say that capitalism is purely perpetuated by Young souls is inaccurate. To say that Mature and Old souls often have no choice but to go with it is also inaccurate - and it is crucial to admit this. Because if you don't like it, then who is it up to to change it?

Actually for me to say that if it weren't for Young souls, not much would have been achieved in physical sense is equally inaccurate. I can be quite productive when I wish to. Personally though I lack the drive I see in some Young people. Or I am motivated by different things.

And then - we have to ask ourselves - when we are describing what Young souls have contributed to the world - aren't we already simplifying way too much for that question to even make sense? Nobody exists in isolation.

As for the human rights, personally I would say, if I am going to make a generalisation at all, that it is more of an arena of Mature soul, rather than Young.

I also don't think that exploitation is a necessary part of any planet's evolution. It may be something that often happens, but it is not necessary. A Young soul can evolve without exploiting anybody.

John Roth:

--- Quote from: russell on July 04, 2011, 02:03:34 AM ---What contributions have young souls made in our society?

--- End quote ---

I suppose it depends on what you mean by contribution. The Young cycle is about personal achievement, and a society with a large number of Young souls has to facilitate that. If a Young soul makes a social contribution, it's mostly a side effect of the drive to personal achievement.

If a Young soul makes a deliberate contribution to society, it will most likely be to move it in the direction of  facilitating personal achievement, which includes personal failure. You can see current Young soul attempts to move society in their direction with the push to eliminate Social Security, for example.

kenneth Margo:

Jk If you know how to chase after the material ie being  materially productive , but cant be motivated , then you have 'been there done it' as a young soul and now have other non material older soul concerns. I dont mean to say that older souls dont engage the material. They have to  to survive physically. I just mean tha they do it out of necessity, its not their drive, their focus is elsewhere. My whole point is that the major breakthroughs which have advanced human civilisation have been made by older souls who can think out of the box. The role of young souls has been to organise and apply and popularise these philosophies andprinciples and  inventions , ie 'materialise' them  (and use baby souls as labourers). So of course there is a symbiotic relationship. The problem when the young souls rule . Then there are no values
chiara:  If someone  in primitive society were to find a way of making  a profit  from defacing genitals , it would be a young soul.
Values, human rights , morality (not dogma) are all oldersoul concerns because they have no DIRECT material foundation.They cant be touched or felt.  I have yet to meet a young soul who really respects or even understands these concepts,although many are smart enough to pay lip service if it serves them to. I think that  by definition a young soul cannot really understand  channeling, the Michael entity , in fact any other non physical  plane of reality  be it astral , mental , even etheric , because it cant be proved materially ,ire the third dimension.     

I wonder what Soleal would have to say about young souls on his world.

Young souls can at times exasperate me, but here they are, part of the whole plan.


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