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Past Life Regression Therapists in Washington DC area?

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The whole idea of Past Life Regression Therapy has intruged me for the longest time.  Does anyone know of a reputable therapist in the DC area?

Susan (the oboist)

I'm assuming you're looking for someone you can work with in person? There's a website that might help you, but I need to find the URL on my other computer.


I too am fascinated with the subject.  In fact, I saw someone just last week-end to regress me.  Unfortunately, I was told that my mind is very analytical and very hard for me to be hypnotized.  She too (the hypnotist) has an analytical mind, and she told me it took her 3 tries before she could get put under.  I will need to practice on my own.  I have a past-life regression CD that I am using - created by Brian Weiss.  You can get it by buying his book "Mirrors of Time" - it's included.  Then I will schedule another session with my hypnotist.  I tried to get hypnotized twice before this and it never took.  Some people get put under the first time, no problem - I wish I was one of them.  Good luck!

I had a life-between-lives session yesterday that was quite interesting and unusual for me since the information wasn't something I'd normally consider. I might post an excerpt here or on the list.


Have you read the Michael Newton books, such as Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls?  He specializes in between lives and has trained hypnotists in his technique of deep hypnosis, which might also be helpful for past-life regression.  I don't know if any would be in your area, but it might be worth a look.  


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