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What Attracted You To The Michael Teachings?

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Vera Larson:
What was it about the Michael teachings that initially attracted you?

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For me it was the concept of soul ages. I could not understand why so many apparently intelligent people just couldn't/wouldn't get ideas/concepts/practices that were so obvious and clear to me and I was usually judging them as stupid or pig-headed. I already understood the idea of maturation from developmental psychology so had a real aha moment when I understood that younger soul ages simply didn't have the 'equipment', which took me out of judgement and allowed me to save a lot of energy trying to shift them where they couldn't go. I loved the idea that as you don't judge/blame a child for not being able to do or understand beyond his level, you don't do the same to younger-souled adults. Some people have accused me of elitism, or a sense of superiority, and I don't buy those labels. For me it is a lot more elite/superior to think of them as stupid as I was doing before. Being in the moving part of intellect, stupid is not a good place to be. ;D

Later, I had a reading that confirmed my impression that I am an old Priest and that made a lot of other things in my life make more sense, too, especially the part that says that a relatively small percentage of people are either Priests, or in old lifetimes. The loneliness, the feeling of being apart and not like others that I had been made wrong for for so much of my life was now explained and I am much more at peace with myself because of it.

I have been able to use this information in talking with individuals and groups, especially with recovering addicts, who have found it liberating for them as well.

I am interested in hearing about how others came to the MT's as well, so thanks for posting this question


Chiara DB:
I was literally attracted to the Michael Teachings by an overleaf chart sitting on an easel during a new age fair back in the early 90s. I got a brief general channeling with a few questions, which was about a million times more helpful than the rest of the new age fair combined. There was no "Woo-Woo / Ascended Masters / Grey Aliens" aspect to it, just startlingly insightful information that was 100% useful to the things of this earth. I took a class from that channel shortly afterward, and the rest is history!

It's not so much what 'attracted' me, but what spoke to me.  I had been a spiritual seeker for almost as long as I could remember.  While my mother was Anglican and did her best to encourage me to follow her in her faith - up to the point of forcing me to take first communion when I was 12 - it didn't 'take'  ;) and as soon as I could get away, I did. 

I read/devoured anything and everything I could find on any sort of a spiritual/metaphysical subject - Ruth Montgomery, Jane Roberts, I forget all of them but I literally read them all - and something always seemed to be 'missing'.  Shortly after "Messages from Michael" was published I entered a New Age type of bookstore that I had never seen before.  I saw the book on the shelf, picked it up and it looked intriguing - even with the ouija board cover (which  attracted me rather than put me off).  I started to read it that night and I read it in one sitting. All of a sudden the 'missing' piece of the puzzle fell into place.  I 'knew' with as strong a sense of  knowledge that the sun would rise in the morning, that this 'teaching' resonated to the very heart of my being.  The missing piece of the puzzle was found. 

I haunted bookstores hoping for 'more'; I wrote the publisher and the author and my letters vanished into some big black hole.  When "More Messages from Michael" was published, I pounced on it and devoured it as well.  I was a Michael student. Even though my attempts to get in touch with the group netted zero results, I knew that even if I was the only person in the world who was on this path, it was my path, my teaching.

I continued to delve into channeling and using the ouija board myself with great success and discovered/re-learned more about our spiritual identities, often asking about Michael and getting confirmation of this validity.  It wasn't just me who recognized Michael, but others on the other side were 'familiar' with them as well, even though they didn't follow the Michael teachings.

I discovered the on-line Michael community in 2001; lurked for a while on one of the sites, and then finally joined.  It felt very much like a coming home, of finding family with whom I had lost touch many years before.  I have had the chance to ask Michael about this 'connection' and they basically confirmed that I have been one of their students for many lifetimes, and was actually incarnate in familial relationships with some of their members while they were still incarnating, so no wonder they felt so familiar.  The teachings are so incorporated into the core of who I am now that I could not 'not' be a Michael student. :)

  When I read "Messages from Michael" I was amazed at how much sense it made both logically and intuitively.  As I meditated and got private sessions I couldn't believe how much of a connection there was between the teaching and my own memories of past lives and other experiences.  It wasn't just a book to me with words in it because it directly agreed with my own feelings and experiences.  Finally, I had found a spiritual teaching that identified with the reality I live in. 


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