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What is for you the special benefit of the Michael Teaching?

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I'm excited about the Michael Teachings. Especially the teachings about the soul ages has answered many questions. For example, why I've always been the misunderstood and unrecognized stranger in my own family. The only old soul in the family, I felt my otherness very painful. I particularly noticed that the essence level is an abstract concept and not a tangible experience for the most of my fellow human. So I had the first 35 years of my life no one who understood me and could really share my experiences and challenges.
Often I met people who told what they knew everything. But it was almost only by reading anything, no real personal experience. Sometimes I was just amazed what occupied my fellow man. Things that did not interest me at all, because I perceived a wider perspective - “what interests me your clothes, your car, your profession, your IQ etc., when I look at your essence“ ;)

I didn't “fit in” anywhere and did not know why. I was missing a mirror for my being - I felt like the Lion Lambert in the Disney movie;) I knew I was different and gave myself the fault that I could not be like the others or "fit in" - "mission impossible" :)) --

The Michael Teachings were therefore very important for me - for selfunderstanding and because they gave me new hope of still finding someone who understands me really!!! - So it happens, as I met my entity mate. But that's another story ;)

What are your experiences? What is for YOU the special benefit of the Michael Teachings?

Hi Stefan. :)

I'm in 6th mature, and the MT have been acting for me as a sort of 'soothing' element in what feels to be this rather difficult soul age/level. Well, not 'soothing' per se, but the teachings let me understand and accept more of 'where I am' currently in the grand scheme of things and that it's okay to feel like I've been hit over the head too many times, knowing that I'm at the stage where I have to pay back some karma and that all the angst is kind of supposed to be experienced. It's also been great validating that there are lives after this life (which seemed clear and obvious to me anyway).

I just think it's a great set of teachings over all, and it just all makes sense. That's what seems most important to me (having scholar casting it's also nice for my brain. heh). The insight/perspective I've gained so far is great and well worth it.

That's a succinct and wonderful way of putting it, Elisabeth: it just makes sense. I totally agree!

Years ago I wrote about the personal benefit of the teachings on my student profile, so I'll just cut-and-paste it here. It was meant to be kind of silly, but I think you guys all know that I hold the teachings in very high regard.


Concerning the teachings, I think discovering that I was an Old soul was the perfect antidote for the years I suffered from a painful lack of self-esteem. No longer would I feel the need to worry when my past lives out numbered the bristles in my toothbrush, or shy away in humiliation when someone asked me what my favorite soup was, and I innocently replied: "primordial."

Seriously though, the Michael teachings liberated me from relentlessly trying to pound that square peg into the round hole of my soul. I learned that it's OKAY to be eccentric and somewhat out of step with society, and although I occasionally worry about that birthmark on my forehead that suspiciously looks like the word "expired," I now know that my place in the world is both valued and unique. At least that's what it said on the back of the cereal box this morning!  ;D


I am 2nd mature scholar/sage....and to me Michael Teachings just opened up another door to why and how we exist. It made sense at the time in my life when I was searching for more answers. I still do not understand it all but continue to follow the posts and comment when I feel I need clarification(so you wont see me that often LOL because as a scholar I like to research matter on my own...better gratification in my own mind (arrogant C.O. hehehe)).

And I am MOO because I have a fascination with dairy cows at this point in my life. And "HI"!!!! :D

One of the benefits for me has been the reminder that even though someone may be what I consider "a noodle" (that's my kind way of saying something less than kind) they too are spiritual beings having a human experience! It keeps me focused on the big picture.

I'm a rotten student though, I'm too busy dancing!  :D


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