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I think Stoic attitude is more about accepting things as they are, rather than wanting them to be radically different.  Issues about control and personal power are, I think,  more likely to be on the Action axis. 


John Roth:

--- Quote from: Raoul on August 15, 2011, 07:24:55 PM ---The Following could sound a bit weird, but I think this Forum has a relatively objective view on things, without making that much drama ;). (like a miedeval priest or something, would do :)^^)
I'm sometimes tempted, when I'm in Resignation, to think: Ahh, I hate everything, I just want to split myself from the whole controlled universe (by fate or God), and do my own thing (Is this like what the Archangels did?) Not really to be happier, but to have the Power on my own, and being independant, and don't controlled. Am I thinking this, because of the Stoic attitude, or because of another reason?
And I'm sometimes angry, when I think, that this is probably impossible and I have to stay bonded with it. Do you maybe have some useful thoughts or ideas, I could use against this, or to accept the way it is?
Oh, I could/would like to write so much more, but that would be... probably too much, and too unclear thoughts ::) (for a Forum)
You have to clarify the most of your inner "things"(thoughts, ideas, occupations) for yourself, I guess. Is this for you the same?

Greeting, Raoul

--- End quote ---

The "Serenity Prayer" has been kicking around for a long time. There are multiple versions.

Give me the grace to accept what can't be changed,
The courage to change what can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

The originator probably did not use this as the last line: "and enough ammunition to make it happen."

I agree with Chiara - that doesn't sound very much like Resignation. If it is, you might try the positive pole of the opposite overleaf on the axis: Spiritualist +Verification.

I have these thoughts too and I'm a stoic. I think about wanting to be more independent... is just a symptom of a very, very unideal world. Feeling powerless, due to unideal, to say the least, circumstances... can definitely put a stoic into resignation. Or put anyone for that matter into a negative place. But lucky? for us, we have our gray blanket blinder on. You probably have the freedom need, too. Maybe you can try to put more spontaneity into your life, not that you need advice, but that helps me out. For example, I don't really go to the mall but the other day I just went. It was an interesting change of scenery.

mh I still haven't really find out, how to use this attitude most constructively :/.


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