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How do I figure out my Role?

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Hi!  I've been reading "7 Personality Types," by Elizabeth Puttick, and the Michael Teachings were mentioned so I googled and found this website.  After reading through part of this site (which is extensive and great! btw) and jumping ahead in the book, I've decided either I'm a goofy Scholar or an expressive but shy and not always wanting to be center of attention Sage.  I live for insights, ideas, knowledge and hanging out in nature (for excitement over plants, animals and backcountry sports, not as much for peace), and I pretty much don't ever like being alone, though I'm somewhat in the middle of introvert and extrovert when it comes to talking to people, partly because I'm so alternative it's hard to find people with my interests and values and partly because of the shyness.  To cover both eventualities, I found an AV that expresses both Roles.   :D

So do most people get a channeling in order to sort out their Role?  I'm a little hesitant to just pick one, in case it's wrong.

John Roth:
It's usually best to get a channeling because the interactions between the Role, casting order, the overleaves and imprinting can be quite complex. Some of us could probably make a guess from talking to you in the chat room, but the MT chat room is currently moribund. I'm the only one who hangs out there consistently at the specified times, and since I do other things I don't always notice if someone else shows up.


John Roth

Thanks, I'll do that!  Any recommendations as to the best of the best, the channeler(s) who most often get it right?  If this has a chance of hurting anyone's feelings, either PM or just don't answer.

To get started you might try the role test at the MT site. At the very least it could give you a ballpark figure, so to speak.

We don't promote the services of individual channels here since it violates the forum guidelines  -- this is a non-commercial forum -- but there's a resource page for channels at the MT site.


Thanks, Dave.  I did go through the groupings and from that and from reading other info, narrowed my Role to likely Sage or Scholar.  I know a typical Sage and Scholar in real life and both are full-blown examples.  The Scholar would likely laugh at the thought that I'm a Scholar as would the Sage at my being a Sage.  Whatever I am, it's a more low-key version than what the websites and the book I'm reading say about the Roles, though the thought that I'm any other role just doesn't make sense.

I was going to ask you if I could ask any channelers if they could PM me if they'd be available to give me a reading within a week, since I'd like to get going on this.  Would that be against the forum rules?  If so, I did see the page that lists channelers and I'll start contacting them.   Maybe I have Impatience as a Chief Feature.   ;)


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