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Michael math as another set of overleaves?


  What????  No one has posted in Michael Math yet??? 
  My perception of Michael math is that it is another set of overleaves though I would guess that they don't affect us as strongly as the overleaves listed in the Michael chart.  Anyone have another way of looking at them?  To me the overleaves represent  in technical terms active frequency filters with active meaning they can boost and retard frequencies like the equalization controls on a stereo system.  I see our consciousness as a sum total of the various overleaves and perhaps another grouping of frequencies not yet revealed by Michael.

Mike, what do you mean by Michael math being another set of overleaves?  My understanding is that "Michael math" is just a jokey way of referring to the numbering of overleaves and casting. 

The casting numbering places one in a casting position that has a personality flavor to it that adds to who we are as the overleaves do in my understanding.  I hadn't thought of the numbering of the overleaves though as having a significance other than keeping track of them but I would enjoy reading someone else's view on this.

John Roth:
The numbers are the same as the overleaves, or rather they're the same as the axis. Some students think it's a bit clearer to say someone is in the third position of a cadence, some think it's clearer to say they're in the Warrior position and some think it's clearer to say they're in the ordinal action position. All three say the same thing.


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