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Practical Everyday Ways to Live the MT

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Here, jo.

thank you.


--- Quote from: Betty on October 27, 2011, 06:39:31 PM ---Does anyone have any practical suggestions on how to live the MT on a day-to-day basis?  Or at least strive toward that goal?

For instance, is there any way to photograph yourself to see whether you are at your real age, or whether you are manifesting a younger age?  And, if so, how to manifest your true age when appropriate?

Or:  when I am dealing with someone whom I truly dislike, how do I turn that into a lesson of growth?

Or:  when I despair of ever making enough money, how do I accept the situation - or change it, as the case may be?

These are just a few examples; I'm sure there are a lot more that are even more pertinent to striving toward growth and agape.  My brain is tired right now, though.



--- End quote ---

Hi Betty,

I'm committing forum etiquette no-no by resurrecting a "necro" thread. But every thread here is a year or two old now, so that may deserve a pass. :)

Wanted to respond to your first question on how to live the MT daily. John made a great suggestion about paying attention to the reality around you, in order to begin to see how it reflects your thoughts. I had a hard time understanding this concept until I found a teacher who describes it extremely well. Look for "TheSpiritualCatalyst" on youtube. Her teaching might not be for everyone but a few of her lessons were what I needed at the right time, and that is exactly what you expect to happen, a teacher will come to you when you most need to learn.

A positive growth moment came for me when I figured out that intellectual was an ego issue for me, blocking my ability to connect with higher self consistently. I would get only brief glimpses from time to time, mostly in extreme emotional situations. I latched onto that, and explored higher emotional, and found my higher self smiling at me, so to speak. I had to stop reading books for most of the past year, and focus on feeling things. The Michael teaching is very intellectually stimulating so that was mostly out too. No more thinking about cadres, entities, numbers--it all became nonsense to me for a time. That opened me up to HS.

Next, I stopped THINKING so much. This naturally follows when you stop reading for a while. I went on an intellectual fast, which I consider FASTING every bit as useful as going without food. This not thinking so much got me to pay attention to the moment, not thinking of the past or future, or anything, just being here right now, feeling my body being alive. That feeling alive in the moment led to really quick higher self contact and the ability to effortlessly maintain it. 


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