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Yesterday I had an interesting and unusual "Life Between Lives" session. This is where you explore what you're doing when you're not incarnate. I must say that I was a bit surprised by the information, especially considering that I've never been one to embrace the more esoteric side of spiritual beliefs. I like to keep things real. So the following seemed weird to me, but I plan to do a follow-up session for additional clarification.

The session ran almost 4 hours, so I'm only posting a short excerpt here. The session was facilitated by my friend, Gloria Constantin.


Gloria asks for this being to identify itself in relation to Dave.
Dave says this being describes himself as Dave's Emissary. He bridges the gap between this world and the world from which Dave originally came.
Gloria asks if the Emissary is referring to the world of 3rd density in both places.
Dave says: No, this is a different system of experience.
Gloria asks what is the world that Dave originally came from.
Dave says that it is a place of existence that didn't require physical expression.
Gloria asks if it is a spiritual or physical world.
Dave says there is no physical at all in this world.
Gloria asks if this world would be a place for incarnation, for the purposes of soul continuing to develop.
Dave says it is a place where there was evolution based on the accumulation of knowledge and that it can't be easily compared to the experiences we have in this locale.
Gloria asks if this is Dave's original home (after being cast from the Tao.)
We are told by the Emissary that this is one of Dave's original homes, and it is also the place that he favors.
Does this favorite place have a name?
Dave's Guides: It does not have a name that can be readily defined in terms you would understand.
Gloria asks if it is hard to give a sound to; if it is conveyed through telepathy.
Emissary: It cannot be understood in our (Earth) terms.
Gloria asks the Emissary - when you say that this is one of Dave's original places, are you suggesting that Dave spent many periods of existence in evolution on other realms prior to the Earth experience?
Emissary: Dave's experience in physical terms was never a requirement.  He was invited.
Gloria: Who invited him?
Emissary: Other Elders who felt that Dave's grasp of universal knowledge would be limited by not fully experiencing everything it (the universe?) had to offer.
Gloria: Before we move on, is there other commentary or observations that Dave's Guides or the Emissary would be interested in putting forth?
No answer.
Gloria asks if this is a good time for Dave to meet with his Council
Response is yes.
Gloria asks who will volunteer to take Dave to the Council.
Lazarus responds: I, Lazarus.
Gloria asks Lazarus to do so.
Dave says the Council is sitting in a forum of benches that are connected in a circle.
Gloria asks if there is a table.
Dave says it reminds him of the Greek Senate, where benches wrapped around.  Dave is standing in their center.
Gloria asks the Council what percentage of soul energy Dave brought into this life.
Answer: 20%
Gloria asks if Dave has some of his soul energy in other contemporaneous incarnations?
Council: Dave is all over the place.
Gloria asks if this means he has other incarnations that are current with Dave?
Dave had 9 concurrent incarnations.  Two have already died. These are not 9 full incarnations; rather, a few are partial.  They involve teaming up with other fragments.
Gloria says it sounds like they are mixing soul energies from different fragments in one incarnation.
Dave is not sure what they mean.
Gloria: As you are his Council, on Dave's behalf we would like to know how Dave's soul spends his time between lives, and if he is part of any specialty groups?
Council: Dave works as an Ambassador to help connect other dimensional life forms that normally would not find themselves interacting with this plane of experience.
Gloria: Or perhaps with each other?
Gloria asks if Dave is an emissary that becomes acquainted with these persons of other-dimensional existences and is able to introduce them to each other - by describing perceptions and environments?
Does he also bring them physically together or is this done telepathically, or both?
Council: Dave was an other-dimensional being to start with, and has no formal ties with this world. He is here (on Earth) by invitation. He has normally not sought out this kind of experience, but given the nature of his work it was thought that becoming more acquainted, first-hand, with the nature of this realm would give him a greater understanding of the experience of the group with which he was attempting to connect.
Gloria: When you say the nature of Dave's work, you are referring to his work as Ambassador?
Gloria: Would it be correct to say that Dave is an interplanetary Ambassador as well as an intergalactic Ambassador?
Council: That is not correct. Dave helps bridge the gap between interplanetary worlds and worlds not based on traditional planetary systems - worlds that have no physical dimension, that is, worlds that exist through the process of pure thought.  These are worlds that cannot be readily defined in physical terms.
Gloria says that this is quite an endeavor to bridge the gap between physical worlds and worlds that exist only as thought.  What are the means by which Dave is able to bridge this gap? Does it, for example, have anything to do with music?
Council: The mere existence of being is all that is required in some systems of experience. What you are requesting cannot be translated into physical terms unless most of the physical is experienced by those who have never been physical before.
Gloria: And Dave is one such being?
Gloria: And this is why he can bridge the gap?
Council: He is attempting to be a pioneer in this regard.
Gloria: And how is he doing?
Council: He is doing this with some reluctance but understands that it is necessary to be thorough.

Hi Dave,

That was highly interesting.  I have done much reading on these and always love to read more of them.  Yours sounded like you gained a lot of insight from it.  So what are your thoughts on it after having this done?  Just curious.

I am new to the Michael Teachings but not new to this type of material.  I am curious as to what Michael says (if anything) about all reincarnational selves going on at once/simultaneous time.  So much to learn...


Hey Lori,

Reincarnational selves can be past life, simultaneous, or potential-future self. Apparently it's not uncommon for essence to spawn several soul fragments at once. I believe Michael calls these concurrents, and if I'm not mistaken, Seth referred to them as counterparts. Ironically, I've always been on the fence regarding the subject, so it was surprising to receive this information during the session.

I plan to have a follow-up session and will further explore all that this entails. I'm glad you found it interesting, and welcome to the forum.


Thanks Dave.  I've been an avid Seth reader for several years, which is where I found out about this.  I noticed you wrote "potential" future self, which would make sense from probable selves.  Not sure if Michael has talked about this.  I have a lot to read on the Michael material.

Do a search at the MT site and you should find some relevant passages.

I read quite a bit of Seth when I was younger.



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