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Secondly, not allowing users to edit their posts AT ALL, is a serious detriment to useful discussions. I tend to type pretty fast to get an idea written down and then post it, occasionally needing to edit some typos or add an addendum. Users should be able to edit a post for at least a few minutes, maybe a half hour. This will cut down on trivial replies, and allow someone to edit a comment they regret writing. I have my technical support forum set to allow edits for 1440 minutes (24 hours). (I'm also using SMF).

I extended the time-span for editing posts.

Regarding organization, I simply added topics based around popular MT areas of discussions. It was mostly to prompt ideas for people regarding topics they could bring up.

And providing there are new posts, you can see any new posts clearly marked when you sign-in. Of course, the forum is uninhabited at the moment, so the feature is somewhat moot at the moment.


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