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What I like in MT


I like the MT belief system because it encompasses many psychological behaviours. It's really a great system explaining many things of our lives. I like also the tolerance it shows. Maybe it's a bit too intellectual but it is really worth the reading.

I like to call it the psychology of the soul. And I agree, the teachings do encompass a number of important areas in our lives. It certainly makes interacting with strangers more interesting. I find myself constantly gauging their eyes and facial expressions to guess roles. Knowing if you're dealing with a warrior or a priest can really change the dynamics of the interaction. It's fun.

And apologies for the late reply. I'm busy working on the update to the MT site. It's taken much longer than expected.


For other people's roles, I'm trying to guess their roles. Some are, for me, pretty obvious but many are not though.

Moreover, I did not find my own role "king" and believed I was a "scholar". So I'm more humble now about guessing other's roles, despite my arrogance overleave...


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