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Two Past Life Regressions (Dave)


Here are two past life regressions I did several years ago. I've posted them to the MT list in the past, but thought I'd add them here as well.



Past Life as Native American

At first it felt like I was just making things up, but my past life regressionist, Shepherd Hoodwin, said that was ok. It's the gist of the lifetime that matters, not the exact details.

He had me walk down a path. I was in a forest with tall pine tress on either side, and a little bubbling creek to my right. I crossed a small bridge and entered what appeared to be an indian village (Native American, I think). I had apparently been collecting sticks and branches to burn in a fire. I was a woman. I was assisting several older woman in front of a large structure.

The village was full of mostly women and children playing nearby. Suddenly the men from the village raced into the camp, yelling at us to flee the village immediately. There was mass chaos as everyone tried to escape and didn't know entirely what they were trying to escape from. Soon after soldiers rode through the village on horseback, hacking at anyone they could with long swords. They ran children down with their horses and stabbed the older women to death. I just stood there and watched the carnage unfold for what seemed like an eternity.

Somehow I hid out in what appeared to be some sort of root cellar (or something similar), and watched as the villagers who stayed behind were systematically slaughtered. After the soldiers got off their horses, they walked around to the injured indians and shot them in the head. It was horrific imagery to see and I was greatly disturbed by it. It was then revealed that I was protecting a small child.

The soldiers set fire to the village and I think I died from smoke inhalation. I wasn't entirely sure. I remember looking through the thick blanket of smoke and seeing the soldiers laughing at those of us trapped inside. I did see that my limp body was eventually dragged out of the hole and the soldiers bashed my skull in with the butt of their rifles. The child survived and was standing next to my body. For some reason the soldiers left the child with me. The little girl stayed at my side for several days and my spirit remained with her. But she was eventually attacked and torn to pieces by wolves. This caused me extreme anguish and since I had no plan on bursting into tears in front of Shepherd, I had to bite my lip really hard to contain my emotions at that point.

Shepherd then tried to get me to move forward into the astral. I had trouble leaving the village but then a friend in my present lifetime showed up in the middle of the scene. Shepherd thought she was probably my spirit guide in that incarnation.

She somehow pulled me into the astral where we were walking outdoors in a beautiful field full of tall grass and wild flowers. The colors were stunning. We eventually arrived at a large building that looked like Greek architecture. Inside there was a huge hall with tables that appeared to go on for miles. She took me into a library which she said was her favorite place. She pulled out a book that had moving images on each page and we joked and laughed about what we were seeing. At times there were disturbing things that I didn't like, and she sat very close to me and hugged and comforted me. After that we went to another place where we met a tall humanoid figure, possibly 20 feet high (or more), that was just a dark silhouette with a thin outline of shimmering light. Shepherd was convinced this was Michael (from the Michael teachings) because that's how he'd seen him at times. There we talked about some of the lessons of that lifetime. Following that she took me to another hall were I was surrounded by many different people, all of them smiling at me and patting me on the back.

When Shepherd questioned the motives of my past life self, I actually saw her stomp her foot at Shepherd and yell, "You weren't there!"

We sent the Indian woman unconditional love and she responded by sending me an image of autumn leaves circling our bodies.

On a side note, I was surprised at how much I was able to retrieve during this session. I will definitely try more of these on my own.


Past Life as Island Native

I was interested in seeing if I had any incarnations in Atlantis. So I scheduled a PLR session with my friend, Gloria.

I didn't seem to get to Atlantis, though.

Here's what came through:

I was walking on a beach. The area appeared tropical and I think I was on an island. There was a thick, jungle-like area just beyond the beach, and not far beyond that there were jagged rock formations jutting high into the air, leading to a mountainous region.

I had black hair, brownish skin, and an athletic body that was nicely muscular but not overly bulky. I was only wearing what appeared to be a loincloth made out of animal skin. I was carrying a spear and a sack was hanging over my shoulder that contained freshly caught fish.

As I continued to walk along the beach I could see a small encampment of huts that were raised off the ground on poles. Each hut was connected by a central walkway. Inside my hut there were some jar-like containers in one corner, and a simple bed with no padding. It appeared to be a rectangular bedding woven out of cane and there were some colorful, ornamental designs painted on it. This was an atavistic existence.

Outside again, I came upon two young women. One of them was naked and the other wore a cloth around her waist similar to mine. I wasn't entirely certain, but I think they were my daughters. They both had venusian bodytypes. I was particularly close to the girl whom I called Suni. My name was something like Nomnin/Domnid. Anyhow, the girls were delighted to see me and the naked girl suddenly dashed into the water and splashed around in the waves. We all smiled and laughed at her playfulness. The life was a little routine and I felt bored at times, but it was very tranquil and serene, and the only demand was to just enjoy what it had to offer and go with the flow.

When I was moved 5 or 10 years ahead in the incarnation, however, I came upon a scene where I saw the huts burning, leaving black and charred remains. Caucasian men wearing silver helmets had arrived in boats, and they threw the two girls on the beach and brutally raped and sodomized them. I was restrained the entire time.

Moving further in the incarnation, I found myself on a boat with other men who were rowing together as a group. I had obviously been enslaved. I apparently did this until my body gave out due to exhaustion and old age, and then I was thrown overboard.

My death scene was quite peaceful. I was sinking in the water and looking up at the blue light from the water's surface. I once again felt the serenity that I had enjoyed earlier in my life and didn't fight this end to my incarnation.

Wow, reading these really blew me away. Is it just a meditation exercise you do to go into trace state or something? I'm curious about doing myself. Apparently I asked Michael if I had lived in Japan because of my fondness of ancient Japanese culture. To my own amusement I had one life in the 17th century as a fisherman, farmer and another as a Samurai in the 11th century. I was popular, and had 8 kids, yeah those are the only facts i asked for. . .

I was working with past life regressionists.  They helped guide me through the process and I relayed the imagery I was seeing. Of course, mileage may vary with sessions like these.



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