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Master Hilarion's message to Mankind


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John Roth:

--- Quote from: Jondalf on April 18, 2011, 05:52:51 AM ---Anybody else sense a distinct Aleister Crowley-like  (one of my metaphysical heroes, BTW) 'flavor' to this?  No intended "pro/con" bias here, just a vague sense of familiarity.  My sincere apologies if this intuition is offensive to any. 

[Dave, please delete this as "off-topic" if you wish.  There are at least 3 analogs/parallel iterations of "ME" overlapping here tonite.
( see my earlier posts here for further explication if referring you to this other site is not a contavention of this site's rules, OK?: ).

I am evidently experiencing what Kurt Vonnegut once called: "chrono-synclastic infundibulation".  I swear!  THIS IS SO WEIRD!  Sorry if it is TOO out there.   - Jondalf]

--- End quote ---

"Master Hilarion" comes from the same general thread as Crowley and similar. It's off topic.

John Roth


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