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I've always been really curious about my past lives, as I've had quite a lot of 'resonance' with particular time periods and groups of people (so much so that it feels more like home than the present time does), and so I've always wondered if I'd lived then, or in the periods I love so much. I think the high resonance is actually what got me into believing in past lives and living more than once. It seemed to make more sense. I had also met people in my life where I was sure that I knew them before.

Anyway, as much as I've been curious about my past lives, I've found it really difficult to access them by myself. I don't know if it's just that I'm on the action axis and am therefore more tied to the physical plane, or that I just don't have as good visualization skills as I need...

Much to my delight, it's great knowing that I could have past life info channeled for me. I just don't have all the funds for it yet, nor really know how to go about it. I'm also selfishly drawn to the "was I anyone who would turn up in the history books" question, as I'm a king so maybe I'm sure I must have at some point? But who knows.

I did once have a past life hypnosis session, but the results were a bit skewed as I had it in my head that I might have been someone relatively well known that I was slightly obsessed about. The session was interesting though, as though it was difficult for me to visualize, there was a LOT of kinesthetic detailing, things like 'feeling' colors and feeling angry, feeling sad, feeling the wind and seeing the trees move, feeling delirious with illness etc.

Have any of you found out about your past lives through other means (besides channeling)? Or have you channeled Michael/info for yourselves?

Just kind of interested in all the different methods and experiences...

I don't know why this question isn't getting a response, but as you know, I've done past life regressions in the past, and now just recently had several more. In fact, I'm having another session tomorrow and wonder what interesting person will emerge this time.

Although it's considerably easier to have a facilitator guide you through the process, you could probably do a PLR on your own. As you mentioned, it's important to keep an open mind and remove any expectations about what might transpire. Usually the lives we are shown are not necessarily glamorous or famous, but they do echo current life issues that we are struggling with in this lifetime.


Chiara DB:
Hi Elisabeth --

I first started learning about my past lives by paying attention to things that intensely moved me for no apparent reason.

As Dave says, these lives come up in connection with some issue that is happening in your current life. For most of my life I've had to deal with the issue of slavery -- not that I was ever literally a slave, but I was raised to believe that my needs, preferences, and desires were completely unimportant, and that my function in life was to serve others and make them happy. Pretty good description of a slave. Anyway, I have always been extremely distressed by the knowledge of slavery and of institutionalized racial discrimination - not just like any normal person with a heart would be, but where my whole body would be possessed by outrage and a sense of injustice and anger when I heard about it. I started to understand that I myself had had slave past lives by doing things like noticing a scar on my ankle, and letting that kind of open my mind to the idea of a slave past life. I had an experience where I allowed myself to emotionally go into the state of one of these lives, and I learned the name of this person and everything about his life (American South, his name was Thomas Payne). I did this by myself, without anyone else there.

I also believe I was a slave in Ancient Greece, because when I learned about the philosophy of Aristotle in class for the first time, I was overwhelmingly flooded with sensations of him as a person, of knowing and loving him as a person, things having absolutely nothing to do with the actual philosophy and completely not present in reading about his philosophy (or really anything about him, I've come to find out).  I then had a dream-experience that wasn't really a dream - it was like I was in some in-between state between dreaming and awake. Everything was absolutely black, and in that blackness I knew everything about Aristotle and his philosophy. I understood it perfectly. As soon as I woke up, it was all gone. But since then I have looked into the life of Aristotle and it turns out he did teach and have intimate relationships with some of his slaves. I had strong images of walking through gardens and talking with him, and I also found out later that that was how he usually taught his students.

I've also had some intense past life memory experiences with my ET when we first were getting to know each other. I don't know how to explain it other than we went into a kind of trance state, without trying, and in one of these states we re-enacted a life where he was the slave woman and I was the young girl of the house (American South). In that life, she was more of a mother to me than my real mother was. In another we were brother and sister in Ancient Egypt and we were intensely in love with and sexually attracted to each other.

I haven't had any experiences like this in a long time, or maybe if they happen they are just a lot more subtle now.

Anyway, the way to do it is to pay attention to little things that pull at you for no reason you can explain. Open yourself and go into them, and see where they lead you :)

The only sort of irrational fears I've had in this life are fears of tsunamis/waves, and of planes flying low overhead and things dropping from the sky (i.e., annihilation from the sky, which included a phobia of comets for quite a while). 

I don't know, whenever I try to regress back by myself, it's really hard to let images or sensations come up. Even when I went to the PL regressionist. Was difficult to actually be hypnotized and to get down into that state, and then if I do see something it feels like my brain is making it up. I kind of have a vivid imagination, and my mind also works like a movie/film, so it's frustrating that I can't get it to work like that for seeing past lives.

I do have an amazing amount of PL resonances for particular time periods, and when younger used to draw a lot of 'characters' dressed in particularly accurate costuming from different eras. But it's just difficult to 'get' into the actual lives of those time periods and places.

As for current issues in my life, I've been relatively obsessed with the idea of mental institutions in the 20th century (a la sylvia plath), and do have trouble with depression and feeling a bit insane (at least, there's a strong pull of that sensation), and am not sure if that's just my 6th mature talking. But I'm not sure what else. Hmm.   

Most of my past life regressions haven't involved searching for famous personalities, historical resonances, or other preconceived notions of what I wanted to experience. I know that therapists do that all the time with patients, but I suspect it can make the journey more difficult, due to personal filtering and expectations.

Just about all of my regressions have started with what seemed to be a mundane image: a Native American woman collecting wood in a forest, an island native standing on a beach with a bag of fish, a well-dressed gentleman in a 19th century city walking toward a theater, a midwestern woman driving a horse and buggy down a lonely country road. None of these were images that would normally attract my attention, but they always felt more authentic afterwards because they came to me so unexpectedly.

Deriving the take-home value from these experiences still requires more pondering on my end. This is where I tend to get bogged-down.



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