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I'm confused about this manifesting bit. If you're manifesting younger than your actual soul age, does that mean you've regressed? Why would that happen?

Gordon Murray:
Most of us, most of the time, manifest a Soul Age less than our "official" one.  This can be a slight amount less (perhaps one Level) or it can be a very great deal less (perhaps 2-3 complete Ages).  There are about as many reasons for this as there are fragments doing it, which may be as high as 6 billion. 

In all cases, it is done for a good reason, although that reason is unlikely to be comprehended by the fragment.  Sometimes, the purpose is one by Essence (perhaps that there was something much earlier in this life that was left unfinished and needs to be completed before moving on) and sometimes it is a move by Personality (sensing that the current situation would be better dealt with as a Young Soul than as an Old Soul).  Neither of these may turn out to be the optimum manner of dealing with the immediate situation, but both Essence and Personality always operate in the fashion that they perceive as optimum in the situation as they perceive it (these perceptions often will look rather silly in retrospect, but they always make apparent sense at the time.

I am a 7th Level Old Soul, but I have often been able to look back and see that I was operating in a Young Soul Mode in a particular situation, and it was, probably, optimum for the situation.


John Roth:

--- Quote from: Wayne on April 11, 2011, 09:14:29 PM ---I'm confused about this manifesting bit. If you're manifesting younger than your actual soul age, does that mean you've regressed? Why would that happen?

--- End quote ---

To expand on Gordon's reply a bit: everyone starts out at Infant as a baby, and gradually goes through the soul ages as they grow up, either until they get stuck or they reach where they left off in their previous lifetimes.

In this culture, men have a tendency to get stuck at Young and women at Mature. That's just cultural imprinting. In many ways it's easier for an Old soul to manifest as Young in this culture. They're both individualistic although in different ways, and for many life plans it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.

Regression, in the sense of something that's gotten lost, doesn't happen. Everything gets stored in the repository for later lifetimes to use, but not all of it gets used in any particular lifetime.


John Roth

During channeling, I discovered I was a first-level old server manifesting at 4th-level mature.  I had it explained to me this way:  Suppose you are 18 years old, but you've been held back in school, so you're only in the tenth grade.  You experience your actual age (18), but you also experience being in tenth grade, learning tenth-grade lessons.

In my case, it is because it is easier to deal with what I need to deal with.

Hope this helps.

Gordon Murray:
A good simile, Betty.  To expand on it a bit - when many young people of today get to college, they find out that they lack a significant amount of the information that is needed in order to do some of their college-level work.  Thus, they have to do some remedial work in one or more subjects, but, after this remedial work, they will be able to do the college-level work that they want (and need).

This is comparable to someone who is 3rd Level Old having to repeat a lesson that they did as a 1st Level Mature because they really did not adequately learn that lesson - but, if the lesson situation is really only appropriate to be done with the perspective of a 1st Level Mature Soul, the fragment has to operate with that perspective.

When thinking of Soul Age, it is always useful to consider it as the primary perceptiveness from which we see the Universe and our place in it - something that can vary widely as the situation within which we find ourselves varies.



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