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Soul Age. How to spot it

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can soul age be seen in the face? how do you spot it? are there any signs?

Wisdom is validated by her children. Young souls act like young souls. Old souls live and act like old souls. ~ Howard ~

I think that my first feelings of my possible soul age are connected to realizing with certainity that I have lived before.  To have the wisdom and acceptance is indicative to me of growth in this area.  Does anyone agree/disagree?  This is not to say I have specific memories (I don't), just general occassional flashes that I attribute to past lives.  But the wisdom and ability to accept that concept with certainty is in my opinion an indicator of soul age.

I thought all old souls looked and acted like The Dude?! Are you telling me thats just a caricature?


Memories of past lives certainly indicates that you are sensitive to the deeper recesses of your being. Not everyone possesses that ability, so even if it's not directly related to soul age, it's a worthy gift to nurture.

To explore your soul age, try to determine your overall perspective in life. Do you tend to be philosophical and see yourself in a greater context? (Old soul) Are relationships a central focus and do you thrive on their intensity? (Mature soul) Are you driven to achieve success and high standards of excellence in all things? (Young soul).

Sadly, the catch here is that some old souls might embrace all of those things depending on their life situation. You can be an old soul that manifests at mature in relationships and young in work-related matters. Soul age is difficult to nail down. Finding a good channel might be a good start here, but I suppose if you spent some time looking within and were absolutely honest with what you found, your true perspective might reveal itself to you.



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