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The more research I do on it, the more the information I find seems to contradict itself.  For instance:

--- Quote ---"You never cycle off without being aware of doing it"
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---"some people will cycle off with only a faint feeling that there's more than meets the eye"
--- End quote ---

Most sources tend to agree on the prevalence of non-attachment plus major interpersonal karmas being resolved as the key criteria, but tend to differ past that point as to the specifics of how and when it happens - plus what the average 7th-level Old Soul is like.  What do we really know about this process/experience and the soul age that immediately precedes it?

The more you research into any channeled material, the more contradictions you will find.
We could get an Old 7 perspective from someone - for instance Shepherd is one I believe, but none of us have cycled off yet, at least not in this Grand Cycle, so we can only get info on that from sources like channeling. On the other hand, we have an access to any information in the universe in some way or another and this is something we cold use for validating.


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