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Barbara Taylor:
Many of the printed books have been out of print for a while now.
For those who don't have a copy, check:
1.  With the author first to see if they have a supply.
2.  Check with the various book websites like Amazon that sell used copies.  There are quite a few out there now besides Amazon.
3.  Check with book stores like Chaucer's in Santa Barbara, CA that specialize in metaphysical books and often have hard-to-find books available.

4.  There are also several e-books recently released in the past year.  
- Jose Stevens has a full set of e-books on the overleaves, called PersonEssence.  It has lots of information not in the older books.  
- Kay Kamala has an e-book on relationships between the Roles.  
- Victoria Marina-Thompkins offers her new book on the monads in print version or e-book format.   



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