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Question to those with Goal of Growth


Do people with the goal of growth constantly want to expand - and grow? or is there a purpose to their growth?

I'm a King/warrior cast,
for example, I want to grow so that i can establish Dominance. And i do have a desire to grow - and i operate more on a Growth "mode" than I am a Growth "Goal" if that makes sense.

Do people on the goal of growth desire to simply grow with no discretion? or is growth used as a transitionary tool to attain something else?

Wow...good question.  I've got a goal of Growth, and I think my basic focus is all learning is good.  This can be good, in that I am a quick learner and I like to learn.  The bad side is that it's easy for me to get distracted by all the lovely things I could learn and do and end up just being busy instead of going forward to a particular goal.

As for growing with no discretion...well, I don't think there's such a thing, really.  If you try to grow without any kind of direction, you learn from the consequences of doing this, and that's growth.  If you grow with a definite goal in mind, then you learn from the consequences of doing that.  So you end up growing regardless of what you do.

That said, if you know what your life task is, then it's easier to have a focus and grow toward whatever it is that you have set yourself out to do.

John Roth:
As a walk-in, my experience is kind of atypical. My goal before the walk-in was discrimination, and boy, was I a holy terror in rejection! The shift to growth was definitely confusing. Most people get used to their overleaves when they're growing up; I was in my middle 30s at the time growth landed. I've got the tendency to be interested in everything and anything, but I also tend to focus on one thing at a time, at least to explore in depth. Part of that's due to the Scholar influence, part of it's probably due to left-over physical imprinting from the previous Essence, which was a King and which demanded +mastery.

When I was younger, I was like a sponge and wanted to learn everything I could about anything that interested me at all. 

The older I get, the more I seem to slide to Re-evaluation, trying to discern if undertaking a new study or hobby is really worth it in the long run.  If it's not a pursuit that will further my goals, my growth, or someone else's growth - I generally pass.

Chiara DB:
If I look at how Growth manifests for me, it is geared toward allowing me the freedom to express the positive poles of my overleaves as fully as possible. It is interesting to read what KarenH said about going toward your life task, as I just learned what mine was, and I see how my "style" of growth fits into that pretty well.


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