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Someone on the Michael listserv recently noted something that I've often thought about: that the Michael teachings aren't really about practice, in the sense of meditation. They mention meditation, including chakra scrubs, but the poster said, rightly I think, that the teachings are more about a personality system (of course there's a lot, lot more to them than that), and not a "how to" for spiritual enlightenment. The Michaels themselves say "we are not the way."

Personally I like having a meditation practice - without one I can get stuck in unproductive modes of thought. I've tried Buddhist meditations in the past, Zen and mindfulness, but I'd love to find a practice that's more philosophically in line with the Michael teachings.

Mindfulness in particular requires no belief system to perform, but I still would like a more Michael-y meditation. Scratch the surface of mindfulness and you soon get into the Buddhist concept of no-self which can be analyzed six ways to Sunday, but I would prefer a practice which is directly connected to putting personality aside and letting Essence shine through as much as possible.

Has anyone discovered such a practice? How about chakra scrubs - anyone have any experience with that one?

Actually, in the TOMG transcripts, Michael very much keeps urging the group to meditate and even makes claims such as if 60% of the world population would meditate, there would be no wars, we would have answers to interstellar travel and stopped wasting our time on crap (my words - they said it differently and basically meant various ways of hostility, separation and maya) and more. I don't know how much of that is really Michael or why this has not made it into MFM or why later channels don't get this through that much, but I think it has to do with tailoring it to the audience and with what do people ask about. If people asked more of the questions you have just asked or even requested a more thematic and systematic sessions about this, I am pretty sure Michael would deliver.

As to what sort of meditation to choose or practice - I think whatever suits you really and that they all accomplish some sort of Essence contact. For some people sitting in a lotus position would work (I am not one of those, lol), for others, swimming would do the trick better. For others, lying position is best. Sometimes guided meditation is good, sometimes just some music, other times drumming, really it depends and does not matter in my opinion.

I agree it doesn't matter in that probably pretty much any practice can lead to greater self-intimacy and intimacy with others (where intimacy = approaches to Essence). It's a matter of personal choice or style. I'm looking for a practice that suits my style, and lately chakra stuff has piqued my interest.

Dear MT Scholar: Check out Adventure in Meditation, Vol.s 1, 2 & 3 by Carol E. Parrish-Harra for a meditation practice (complete with tutors, if you choose to go that route, but not necessary to the process) that works on understanding and refining the personality in order to better receive impressions and guidance from the soul or essence level. The books begin at the beginning and quickly move the practitioner to deeper and deeper levels. I had done 13 years of Transcendental Meditation before I started this program and found it immensely helpful. These books won Athena Awards for Excellence in Mentoring as they guide the student/meditator through the processes.

I totally agree with the idea that meditating holds the key to changing the world for the better, one person at a time. There are myriad ways to do it, and I recommend this one, in light of what you wrote about what you are looking for in a practice.

Best wishes.

Why thank you kindly, MeliaNamaste. I will check out the author and her work. I appreciate the information. 


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