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Old souls living a normal family life??

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I suppose, if you aren't manifesting right, you're also not happy with it. At least the manifested doesn't make you happy, but perhaps some inside you gain from it.  ???
Well, my sister is also an old soul. And she has a family, too, and is happy with it. Just not with her work. Rather she would like to not work at all (at least she says that sometimes).
If I want children, i don't really know yet. My sister always wanted.

Greeting, jo

I would say that Mature and Old Sould have a greater potential to be cooler parents, particularly as the child ages. That is not to say they cannot be absolutely dreadful parents. But they might have the potential (not necessarily manifested) ability to sail through the teen years of their kids easier. I would imagine that time must be pretty hard on for example Baby Souls (as its a time you have to deal with all sorts of fears, challenges, crisis, letting go). I think Young Soul parents might have a tendency to drive their kids too hard towards the conventional idea of "success".


--- Quote from: oceanemotion on September 13, 2011, 05:03:43 AM ---Are there old souls (actually manifesting old soul age) who are living a so called normal family life, married with kids etc, with a job to provide for the family and actually feeling happy that way.  I was wondering if I can be an old soul since I'm living that type of life and for now enjoying it or am I just not manifesting the old soul in me right now?


--- End quote ---


I am married to my TC, also 2nd Old, and we have 4 kids: 1 is 7th mature, the other 3 are much older than their parents, in fact--4th, 5th, and 7th.

Sorry for the necropost. :)


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