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Being a King, it's interesting reading about the rather 'moses parting the red sea' effect that kings supposedly have when they walk around in public (I'm assuming mostly due to their big energy emanating). I'm quite self-conscious about being stared at, so often it can feel awkward yet somewhat empowering/interesting to notice.

It does seem to be a 'thing' with kings though, as I've watched a few bios and interviews with celebrity kings which describe 'how they affect a room of people'. For instance, just having watched a youtube interview of Clive Owen, it was said of him by a producer that, "Clive has extraordinary vigor, and of course great looks, he walks into a room and one's eye immediately goes to him, he's dashing and glamorous, earthy and real, and Clive manages to combine those qualities with extraordinarily charismatic effect". (well yeah, sounds like a king if I've ever heard one).

Also was one on Jack Kerouac where one described him as shy when walking into a room but that people immediately took notice anyway.

Of course, often to me it seems a bit weird to validate this, as it essentially sounds pretty egoistic in my head like "oh yeah, people are staring at me aaallll the time... but I'm not paranoid, honest...". It kind of turns me into a hermit, and I feel I can't even go out in a jeans and t-shirt without feeling 'recognized'. Before I was channeled as being a King I had no fraking clue what was going on or if I was just really hypersensitive (so yes it's helpful 'knowing').

It's just an eerie feeling.

I know kings aren't really a dime a dozen but has anyone had king friends (or are a king themselves) who get stared at? Do they mind it? Do they use it to their advantage? Is it really a phenomenon that happens? It's not necessarily that people 'make way' for me or see me coming from behind them and so move. It's more of a 'making entrances' thing, walking into a place.

I don't charge into rooms or aggressively take tables, I'm pretty quiet, but people look up anyway. Or else people remember me. I'm a cafe hopper just because if I go to the same cafe two times in a row then I'm pretty much a regular.  :P But it's just weird!

What are your guys' experience with the King presence? How do they make you feel? Are you impelled to look up? What does it feel like when one starts talking? (I'm also really good at silencing rooms darn it). Being a king it's hard to see the other side.

John Roth:
Oh, yeah. I used to be a King before the walk-in, and I can say that the energy of a King is totally different from that of a Scholar. Looking back, I keep wondering why people kept falling in with my more idiotic suggestions. A lot of the King energy is still there, partly because the original King energy imprinted itself on my body, and partly because of my astrology. I just can't make things move like Moses any more.


John Roth

Chiara DB:
Hello, fellow King! I was really messed up by the King thing for a long time, because my CF was arrogance. That whole thing where everyone is paying attention to you for no apparent reason can really wreak havoc with someone who flips from thinking they are totally superior to other people to thinking they are utterly worthless, i.e. "They are staring at me because I am so awesome they wish they were like me!" vs. "They are staring at me because I suck so bad they can hardly stand to be in the same room with me!!" Talk about a recipe for destructive neurosis! It took me ages and a hell of a lot of pain and suffering to get that garbage under control.

I think being a performer (opera singer) helps give me a frame for the special attention that a King gets (I'm also in Power mode, so that bumps things up a lot more, too). I guess I just see it now as something I have that I can give other people. It makes them feel good to be around a King, and I'm a nice person who goes out of her way to be kind to people, so I figure that if I can infuse that King/Power mode energy with that kindness and love, humor, and gentle teaching when the opportunity arises, that can't be anything but a positive contribution. When you're a King, even smiling generously at someone who notices you is enough to give off a little ball of good energy, and you can be on your way knowing you left a little gift behind. It's just important to know that it works like that not because we're so freaking special and superior, but just because we happen to have this specific energy configuration whose job it is to do that for people. It's not really about our personalities or our worth at all. I am also Server cast, so I think that helps me see the service aspect of the King role very clearly.

Of course there will always be people who don't like you because of your Kingliness, who suspect your motives and feel threatened by you. Those are probably people who have issues with power and self-esteem themselves, and they're good practice for learning to balance kindness and tolerance with firmness and boundaries :D

Blah blah blah! Time for mouthy King to shut up! :D

I have CF of Arrogance too Chiara, and boy your description hit the nail on the head! It can definitely be utter havoc, and is still something I have a very hard time with (the vacillation).

Opera singer. :) That's pretty cool!

I have to say I really like helping people too, and again your words are something that really resonate with me and I so get what you mean by them (in that I've come to those conclusions as well, of 'what to do' with the energy, or what feels 'most right', it's like you've been inside my head!). I've been a recluse for a long while, mostly because of feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed, and hurt by the world and people in my past, but keep realizing year after year now that my friends and family and others actually seem to benefit from having me around when I'm in a fun and more loving mood (ohhh my bad moods, they just affected entire houses sometimes), and that I do have the strength to lead and help get things done. 

But it does feel so much better to make others feel better and confident, instead of plaguing them with your presence. lol.

It's a sort of personal responsibility, the king energy, and I have to say that I still usually feel awful/grimy whenever I become even a little bit tyrannical, as if I've just had enough of doing that in past lifetimes to where I'm sick of that sort of king behavior. It's a bit weird. I'd much rather be an inspiring leader or example for others to follow, some sort of person who can pave the way and help others toward mastering things, rather than lording completely over others.

Though I still go around town and on buses feeling that I should have seats reserved for me. ;)

But yeah, King energy does have a lot of Service built into it. I guess most succinctly for me, it's just 'being available' to others. They don't have to see me all the time, but they know I'm there. I remember once in my freshman year of university, a very new acquaintance asked me to accompany her to the health center to get birth control, her saying that I felt like the only person available at the time who would accompany and 'protect' her and make her calmer about it, and by god... stuff like that just feels so good, and 'affirming'. 

Chiara, as an old king, do you find yourself ever feeling a bit more ordinal or warrior-like? I only do sometimes in that I feel like I'm scaling down and becoming more territorial and protective (of my space, time, and of my family, art, etc).

So much more I could say. :)

In my novels class, we are reading The Kite Runner.  Baba, the father of the main character, is clearly a king.  He is very impressive.  I suspect he is an old soul also.  There is no doubt who the focus of attention is any time he is present, much to the consternation of his son.  It is a good study of Kingliness.


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