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Wow, these have got to be the cool and most informative vids on the internet when is comes to spirituality. We need to channel Michael about the flower of life. See what they have to say about it.

Well I've done the liberty of doing it. This is what they said

"Could Michael please address the Flower of Life"...We would be happy to address your comment. It seems that this flower of life is causing a stir on the physical earth at present moment. With more information available then ever before, it's easy to share ideas about the matrixies of life. We will start of by saying that the flower of life is part of the very dynamic of our teachings. You are not incorrect in assuming each pedal is an axis, and all 7 circles complete the grand scheme. It is important however to take into consideration that although, the flower is real, it doesn't however address the issues of living on the physical plane. Our teaching provides assistance into taking the metaphysical law of 7 into other territories that allow fragments to experience the blooming of the flower in all exigencies of life. We hope this answer is what your looking for and will conclude with another fun fact that if you expand your circles, it will never cease to stop and provides the element of the infinity into all life in the known universes. We bid farewell.


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