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Chiara DB:
Does anyone have advice about how to remove unwanted cords? From someone like, say, one's mother?

Jose Stevens has a section on "Cording and De-cording" in his book "Tao to Earth" (pp 233-238). In a nutshell, he says:

"De-cording is a simple mental exercise that is best done at the end of the day or after much interaction with other people. You may feel the presence of a painful or intense cord without knowing who it is from. Simply put your attention on the physical area where you feel the sensation and ask who it is. Ask what they want and what they are doing there. If you do not want them there, tell them to leave.

For de-cording follow this procedure: Simply close your eyes, visualize your seven chakras, and notice where that person has entered a cord. Gently, methodically remove all cords from all chakras, front and back, and send them back with a gentle goodbye. Fill in all openings with your essence. Leave any cords you have agreed to retain.

Occasionally de-cording will produce immediate reactions. If you have removed a persistent cord from your MOTHER, you may get a quick phone call from her asking if everything is alright. The same might be true for a mate or lover. De-cording will produce feelings of lightness, clarity, and relaxation."

Good luck with it!

John Roth:

--- Quote from: Chiara DB on January 10, 2012, 12:08:49 AM ---Does anyone have advice about how to remove unwanted cords? From someone like, say, one's mother?

--- End quote ---

Cords are the energetic manifestation of a relationship.

Jose Steven's advice is pretty typical. Most decording advice is good for removing obsolete and "drive-by" cords where there is no current or continuing relationship. It's also good if you really want to terminate the relationship.

Permanently removing all of the cords from your mother may be difficult.  For a cord to attach, it's got to have something within you to attach to. Unless you want to completely write your mother out of your life, you may want to work on transforming the relationship instead.

I would guess, that you should try to not fight against it, cause that would give more energy to it. And if your mother is a bit stobburn, maybe you should try to be friendly and do what she wants, until she wants to let go of the connection herself. Ok, that could fail to work, too. But if one person still has the intention for having a connection with you, you can´t do anything against it. 
Maybe there´s a unconscious reason for it?
just my unprofessional thoughts :)

Chiara DB:
Thanks Ulla, I knew that was in there somewhere in the Stevens' book - very helpful!

John, I've been trying to transform the relationship for the past 15 years, but the other half of the relationship has shown no interest in working with me,  despite my varied multitude of attempts. At this point I feel I have to simply protect my own mental health and the health of my marriage. So yes, I am wanting to cut my mother completely out of my life - which makes your information very helpful to me. Thank you!

Jo, all my mother wants is for me to be friendly and do what she wants. The problem is, what she wants is for me to belittle myself, my needs, my feelings, my joy in life, in order to make my abusers happy. She is persistent about this, and won't let it go, no matter what I do or say. Reasoning, raw confessions, heartfelt pleas, and outright tantrums of frustration are all met with the same cold rejection. In fact, the abusers' feelings are always more important to her than mine are. I can't tell you how horrible this feels, what an awful reminder it is of the emotional neglect I lived with my entire life. After 15 years of trying to change this, I see it will always be this way. I know why she does it - I'm sorry for her, but that doesn't mean I sacrifice myself because she won't face her own situation and wants to drag me down with her.

Decording, yes :)


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