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February 7 Nexus/Convergence anyone?

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Chiara DB:
Has anyone had some very strange things happen over the past week or so? My life has been turned upside down by a sudden surging and expansion of feelings and possibilities in myself and those around me. I have also heard similar stories from random strangers, including one who has friends who are contemplative nuns who felt something change in the "spiritual atmosphere," some kind of expansion of love. There have also been some other strange physical evidence of some kind of convergence, such as my friend whose husband's HANDWRITING has completely changed after 15 years. Then there are other people having less intense experiences, like having conversations that seem to help gel and focus focuses and tendencies that have been building over the past decade or so.

Just wondering if anyone else has felt it, and I also want to call attention to this event so that people may be able to recognize it and benefit from that recognition.

I think I have find out that I am in a group of seven entitys,  that is described in a book I bought long ago :).

If not it would be an interesting example of my delusions.

Actually yes. It is interesting.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the nexus or not, but I've had a very bad week--all sorts of bad news.  Nothing good.    :(


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