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Trans or infinite?


Okay this may seem like bulls-word but I'm one of these and I'm not sure which. Any help? My mind has been in total chaos since I was a kid and I cannot get a handle on reality anymore. I need some guidance from someone. I have literally turned water into wine in front of co-workers as I spoke to them about unity and their infinite nature because they started questioning me, I can make the wind blow on command, my eyes glow orange to white when I speak of love, I control people when I am in this state as they usually try to run away so I have to pull them back against their will. But it's so random and I hardly remember the events until years later. It leaves my body feeling like I've gone through chemo therapy or something. And otherwise I feel like I'm basically soulless or something, like I'm ready to lay down and die quiet frankly.

Really? Nothing? No one will do a channel or anything for me so I know I'm not insane? This isn't a joke people.


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