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Could you provide a strategy to help old souls navigate a young soul world?

In my experience, young souls are focused on a functional, practial, factual-oriented perspective. They are interested on the know-how - what someone has to do for achieve a specific result. About such things you can best talk with them (and have access) - and learn from their experiences and expertise.

John Roth:
Keep your eye on the context!

Old souls are pretty individualistic, and usually have no problems with an achievement orientation, as long as it's in moderation and keeps the social context in view. Young souls, unfortunately, tend to rip up the societal support structure while they're chasing the brass ring.


John Roth

I think, though, that sometimes we do need that young soul energy.  I'm thinking of Florence Nightingale (who was channeled by the Yarbro group as being young souled), who majorly upset the medical establishment by introducing sanitary practices and statistical analysis to the medical profession, as well as increasing the status of nursing and women in that field.  That brought great strides to the field of medicine in general, not to mention saving lives.

And then there is Joan of Arc, a young priest.  What is mind-blowing to me is that this young woman--in an era where women most definitely did NOT have the freedoms or rights we do now, and were pretty much not more than chattel--almost single-handedly solidified the concept of nationalism (instead of tribalism, which had been prevalent in Europe until that time), as well as military strategy via the use of artillery, thereby actually decreasing the number of casualties during war, and pushing France toward a more cohesive group identity.  Plus giving women in the future a feminist role model.  :-D

(Yes, Joan was my role model when I was a child.  When people would tell me girls "don't do that," I'd look at them and say, "but what about Joan of Arc?" which effectively stymied them.)

So young souls do have their function, because society does need to be jolted and institutions even torn down from time to time to bring in fresh ideas and new growth.

--Karen H.

Chiara DB:
Thanks for that, Karen! As you have shown, we have an incredible lot to thank young souls for. Yet they are continually denigrated by "wiser" souls, like the crazy aunt we keep locked in the attic because we don't want to admit we are related to her. Young souls freed us from the stifling grip of baby soul society, got us out of superstition and into science. That's all I need to hear to think they've done something freakin' awesome and to be grateful. We are at our most separate from the Tao as young souls, and that causes a lot of things we consider problems once we're past that stage and start thinking about how we're connected instead of how we're separate. But how were we supposed to know they were problems until we experienced them, and gained the perspective afterward? Let's welcome young souls back in the family fold ;)

As for navigating a young soul world, I think old souls just have to find their own niche with other older souls and/or the arts and get their spiritual sustenance there.


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