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Mature and old souls seem so gosh darned similar to me. Is there anyway to tell the difference?


I've wondered the same thing myself.

John Roth:
It can be difficult if you don't know what's been channeled for a specific person.

There are a few rules of thumb I use. These aren't definitive, of course.

The first has to do with individualism vs social cohesion. Baby and Mature souls tend to be "plugged into" society, Infant, Young and Old souls tend to be individualists, although for very different reasons. A "typical" mid to late mature soul is much more likely to want to take collective action, possibly through government channels, than a typical Old soul. The Old soul is much more likely to let the situation develop in whatever way it wants.

A second has to do with "effective time frame." Mature souls tend to get concerned when they see problems in the 20 year time frame. Young souls tend to get concerned when the see problems in the 3 to 5 year time frame. Old souls can be concerned with problems they see in any time frame. To finish this off, Baby souls tend to go with the one year agricultural cycle, and Infant souls only react when a problem walks up with a club.

Mature souls usually are involved in lots of relationship angst. Old souls tend not to angst over relationships anywhere near as much, although they aren't immune to relationship problems. Nobody is immune to them! One big difference is that a Mature soul will expect people to behave according to the current social norms, or else work on changing the norms. Old souls are a lot more liberal.


John Roth

Chiara DB:
I have some rules of thumb I follow to figure this out:

Big Picture vs. People Picture

Mature souls are able to take forays into the big picture, and they are very interested in it, but their primary focus is still very much on people and their doings. There is a lot of attachment and worry about goings-on between people. Old souls focus very naturally on the big picture, and they are a lot more philosophical about life in general and about the doings of other people.

Searching Eyes vs. Mellow Eyes

Mature souls have a kind of a searching and hopeful look in their eyes, where old soul eyes look more mellow and relaxed, often with a humorous glint.

Energy and Presentation

In general, the mature soul has a more nervous, coltish energy about them, where an old soul will seem more rounded and mellow. Also, mature souls are more socially acceptable. They may be "counter cultural," trying to change the young soul culture, but they're still very much part of the culture. Old souls, on the other hand, can be total eccentrics without even trying to be or realizing that they are. They are also trying to change things, but in their own special old soul way, which everyone else may think is totally worthless or non-existent. Old souls can come off as strangely lazy or purposeless (not that they are, just that they come off that way to other soul ages), where mature souls always appear to be striving for a goal, though the goals are different than those of young soul goals, obviously.

For me, it's the focus on people vs. big picture that really clinches it when it seems like the person could go either way.

Here's an article at the MT site that compares Mature & Old souls, but these things are always a bit generalized.

I like Chiara's rules of thumb. Very nice.



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