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Chiara DB:
If I were going to recommend the basic Michael books to have, I would most definitely start with the Tao to Earth and Earth To Tao books by Jose Stevens. I've had mine so long and read them so many times they are literally falling apart at the seams, but I still get some new understanding out of them every time I read them.

For something much different in organization, but very packed with information, I would also recommend Shepherd Hoodwin's The Journey of Your Soul. It's mostly written from Shepherd's perspective with some channeled sections here and there, and this dual-perspective gives huge amounts of useful information about the teachings. There are even some bonus comedy sections at the end -- I'll never forget the old soul hot tub!

Those two together give a pretty good grounding in the teachings.

And as a bonus, a great book that is less about learning the system and more of a how-to manual for living a better life Michael-style is Searching for Light by Carol Heideman. Absolutely love this book, particularly the visualization Michael gives of what our world will be like in the future. Just wonderful.

I've never read Carol's book but I know a friend who has it, some perhaps I'll snag her copy when she's not looking. Darn those crafty Artisans.

Could you give an overview of what Michael saw in the future? I'm assuming they were dealing with probabilities, since predictions don't jive with them.


Chiara DB:
You're right, it wasn't a prediction - it was a visualization of what a future Earth could be like if everyone chose growth through joy instead of growth through pain. Think: aging much more slowly, being able to visually see people's feelings in their aura so you don't have to wonder about what their intentions are, no pollution, and doctors prescribing vacations instead of drugs.

ETA: Yeah, I see I said what our world WILL be like in my original post. I should have said what our world COULD be like.

Chiara DB:
And how could I forget The Michael Handbook by Jose Stevens? Invaluable!

Thanks for book recommendations, here and on the thread I started.  Since I'm so interested in the Michael Teachings, I think I better buy some books.   :)


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