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OK, I'll drop my outrage and frustration and self-righteous condemnation here, as I describe the reasons for how a Goal Of Growth leads to affront of all those emotional reaction triggers and more  .  .  .  AND THAT IS JUST HOW IT AFFECTS THE AFFLICTED FRAGMENT  .  .  .  Dave was the first Michael Channel to effectively communicate to me the impact a character that cares ONLY for their own expansive outcomes can have on themselves and others.

Personally, I remember in EVERY lifetime, AND year, every month, and every hour when I went hungry AND was mistreated by other Dharma imprisoned inmates!  I remember every time up hungry but couldn't eat because if i did, my family would have no food.  I remember everytime I had to plant my food, and go to bed hungry, so that I MIGHT have food to eat if I made it to the fall. (You get the picture).  Evidently some Essences are more sadistic than others, and no small few prefer to use hunger as an 'effective' goad to Growth!

I can remember close to 120 lives where I, or a member of my family, or someone my Essence owed however many "3-squares" went hungry or made me go hungry.  Growth sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chiara DB:
Wait a minute -- I'm in Growth and I don't remember every one of my lifetimes!

There is no correlation I can see between The Goal and Past-Life Viewing capabilities, except in special situations
involving Scholars and Kings. Sorry. I have access (infrequent and intermittant) to memories of the mentioned
lifetimes (but not in great or total detail).  I can remember the "hungry" lifetimes because I promised myself I would! The cruelty of what I thought were life situations caused by the ineptitude of the "Architect" when my lifetime was Buddhist, or the evil madness of the "Demi-Urgos" when the lifetime was Gnostic etc, propelled me on the path to defining, for myself, a theory about the reasons for such senseless suffering.  Of course the fact that I was trained in how to be an 'effective' MKULTRA Psychic by our Government thislife might have helped my ability to get little 'flashes' from Past Lives.  Remember also that Sages have that 'triple input' capacity and this can be used in a variety of ways to enhance recollection of 'buried' data that may be lurking unseen in the Sage's Astral experience buffers.

I do growth and I love it !! Tho I get bored easily and boredom gets me into trouble. As a younger person I remembered many of my past lives. I was very attached to my memories and had to learn to let them go. I go through periods of tremendous growth and then down time spent processing. I'd like to find out if others with growth have issues with remembering their past lives.

I'm in growth, and I don't remember anything about any past lives.  Don't know whether it's the growth or something else.  Maybe I've blocked them in order to deal with this life, or something like that. 


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