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Read about this at the site. Is there anyway to validate mf energy without the use of a channel?

I don't know, but my MF energy (when I got a chart done) wasn't surprising at all. In fact, I had figured out my basic neutrality (even with the "slightly more on the female energy side" details) quite a few years before I knew the percentage for sure, and knew it way before I'd ever run across the michael teachings. The MT validated the existence of MF energy for me actually! I knew that I wasn't making it up. ;)

(I'm 49/51 btw).

I'd maybe say that knowing the exact percentages isn't immediately important (unless you're way in the middle or on one extreme?), but it shouldn't in theory be too hard to tell where you fall, unless you're pretty balanced. What are you guessing for yourself?

The middle is my guess. I'm not an extreme person.

Same with me, I knew years ago that I was somewhere in the middle with just slightly more female.  I guessed 47/53 and it turned out to be 48/52.  I also guessed my husband was in the 60s with male, which also turned out to be true.

Elisabeth, it seems we have quite a bit of our chart in common, including M/F, 47 frequency, and the same body type.

Wonder if we'd come across similarly on first outer energetic impressions... ;)


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