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When a soul age shift occurs on a planet, such as the impending shift from young to mature soul that now looms on the horizon in your world, this means the greater part of the population resonates with mature soul consciousness, with a couple caveats to be discussed later.

Every soul age shift is preceded by a series of stages, seven to be precise, that roll out over a span of 70 to 100 years after the majority in a population reaches a tipping point. These waves often arrive each decade prior to the shift, or some crests pile up in the shallows, so to speak, and roll in much faster. In reversals of fortune, where the political climate stunts the spread of greater awareness, progress is delayed.

Each stage represents a shot across the bow, marking a gathering storm of shifts in consciousness, building with strength and intensity as the gap between one majority is overtaken by another. It brings a significant transformation in social values, those behaviors and attitudes that support and shape the foundation of your communal structure. This new perspective then goes viral, to borrow a social media term, and launches an alternative ideological position into a population that quietly advances until the sheer numbers involved create a collective voice the majority can no longer suppress.

All civilizations, we should add, even on extraterrestrial worlds, experience soul age shifts. These transitions inevitably lead to upheavals in the social strata. Given the outwardly aggressive nature of your species, for example, with an instinctive centering still guarded by defense mechanisms such as fight or flight response, the chances for conflict and violence during these shifts are heightened. We do not say this to create alarm but to emphasize that these transitions are of worldly significance.

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Why Seven Stages?

Reasons why the seven stages unfold during a soul age shift mostly involve laying the groundwork for the dramatic ideological change that lies ahead. The stages work like a buffer, cushioning the blows during the transition so they do not happen all at once. You see them coming. Cultural shifts that potentially reform the social, economic, and environmental outlook of a nation (or the world) can overwhelm and frighten the populace. Wars may start. These shifts are never taken lightly, and they coincide with real-world issues in need of change for the betterment of humanity.

To offer some preliminaries, each stage begins with a cultural crisis of conscience, often resulting in acts of violence and civil unrest. There is a polarity here, although not classic in the sense of the negative and positive poles, but the contrast is similar, where a negative situation escalates until the uproar results in a fair and positive outcome.

The start of the first stage can seem like a series of random fires across society that appear unconnected at first, but eventually coalesce into a more cohesive and culturally relevant demand for change. The second part of the stage comes later with an increased scrutiny regarding what went wrong and what remedies would solve the problem. Much of the political correctness that captured the media’s attention during the 1990s, for example, exemplify the second part (or that need for problem solving).

While the stages during a soul age shift build in momentum, we see lulls on occasion, usually during radical societal changes in political power and ideology. This does not mean the shift in soul age ceases to progress in the population, but societal transformation coming from a soul age group that's under represented in the population, gets swept under the rug in favor of those in power.

A shift comprises two factors: the mathematical accumulation of one soul age perspective over another, and a shift in consciousness that validates the perceptions of the soul age majority. It's never preordained that a soul age shift in the majority will immediately result in a change of the collective consciousness. It never happens over night. The conscious awareness in early mature souls needs to be awakened before the societal benefits of the shift are fully realized.

A child born, for example, as a first level mature soul is generally not a game changer in society, at least in terms of the new soul age perspective. The earlier levels of a soul age stage may fall back to the ideology of their old stomping grounds. Hence, a first mature soul might embrace the values of the young soul; they’re not that far removed from their former perspective. Although, any mature soul surrounded by more consciously aware peers can awaken to the values of their true soul age. It often depends on a combination of childhood and institutional imprinting.

Another point to consider is that a shift may apply to other soul ages, as well. It’s not improbable that certain segments of baby and young soul disposition might adopt the new ideology if it doesn’t trigger their fears. This, in effect, can infuse a society with a mature soul value system before a mature soul majority is even attained.

In general, though, the mature soul shift on a planet rarely conspires without a fight. The values between young soul consciousness and the mature soul in particular, couldn’t be more at odds. This is a clash of seismic magnitude and the teeth-gnashing and snarls are real and should be observed with caution. Revolutions have erupted over such conflicts in countries — or in smaller segments, religious groups or political factions. It can appear as the destruction of a way of life, where former beliefs and values are uprooted, livelihoods seem threatened, and the future is uncertain. The fear this generates may incite violence from groups unwilling to accept the change or who are desperately trying to return things to the way they were.

It’s a difference in ideology. Young souls often astound us with their technological innovations and entrepreneurship that benefit a nation. They live in an outer world where things get done, but don’t give as much priority to honoring the inner life of what it means to be human. The mature soul stage, however, brings awareness to this side of humanity.

With a mature soul shift, expect a change in how technology, social institutions, and the environment impact the world. Measuring everything by how it affects the equality of others becomes the priority. Racial equality, gender equality (including the LGBTQ+ community), equality in the workplace, and so on, all factor in. Governments will be unaccountable at their own peril, and all environmental initiatives will be judged on the basis of their earth-friendliness. The old emphasis of using people as a means to an end is replaced with how people in all walks of life are empowered.

None of these objectives get accomplished without push-back, and some solutions may lead to the inevitable overreach, where overreactive and extreme measures taken to correct a wrong, sometimes do more harm than good. This typically happens in the early stages of a shift.

The Stages in the US

We think it might be instructive to show how these stages have played out thus far in the United States.

A chronicle of shifts in conscious awareness is well documented in US history, where attention to the plights of those repressed and marginalized in that country were addressed. Of interest, mature soul consciousness has not marked all instances of societal change. Some late level young souls, weary of the gender inequalities during the turn of the 20th century, became actively involved in leading the cry of freedom and reform.

In the 1950s, though, following the historic Brown vs Board of Education decision, the first stage toward the mature soul shift was underway. Equal opportunity in schooling regardless of race became a matter of national record. This was the before-mentioned shot across the bow, and constituted an early shift in consciousness.

In the early 1960s, the work of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, aided in part by the support of John F. Kennedy (a young soul) was a continuance of the first stage, mobilized by the rallies, the marches and the emphasis on non-violent resistance. The protests and social uproar surrounding the Vietnam War was another offshoot of this shift in consciousness, and for all intents and purposes, consider Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society reforms the culmination of the first stage.

The election of Richard Nixon brought a setback in the outward expression of the shift — although as the population numbers increased, more mid-level mature souls were born, laying the foundation for changes to come in the future. Minor victories could still be found in pockets of your society, with the momentous Roe vs Wade decision impacting the rights of women across your country. But the second stage of the shift didn’t take hold until the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Stigmatized as a disease from gay communities, AIDS ravaged the US in its death toll and gave birth to a homophobic level of discrimination that marginalized and incited acts of violence against men and women. The political correctness movement seen during the Clinton administration in the 1990s was the second part of this stage and attempted to right the ship. This continued for another two decades, with more setbacks and opportunities for increased mature soul understanding put on the chopping block during the Bush administration. It’s not that movements for change did not exist, but as we’ve said already, during periods where an imbalance in political power exists, the ability to gain traction is diminished.

Perhaps surprisingly, the end of the second stage didn’t come until the election of President Barack Obama, and this was felt on many emotional levels as a culmination of the work done, and a celebratory review of what had been accomplished. There was a sense of hope and pride in the air, but it would be short lived. Almost half the voting populace seethed with hatred and sought the downfall of the first black president.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, the third stage began, and in keeping with Michael math, as you call it, the stage loosely resonates with an energetic three-ness, which hovers between enterprise and versatility, and also reverberates to a degree with warrior energy. Although, these are approximations only.

In fact, the stages in general can be characterized by their progression from ordinality to cardinality, with the first stage being the most ordinal, and the seventh, the most cardinal. The first three stages resonate with aspects of server, artisan, and warrior energy, respectively. The fourth stage, more scholar-like, takes stock of where the momentum has led, and builds a bridge to the final series of steps, with the last three stages representing the cardinal perspectives of sage, priest and king energies.

Regarding what takes stock, or more specifically, what manner of consciousness is at work in this cycle, would be a reasonable question. The answer is that the collective body of all souls taking part in this drama, even those currently incarnating with only an infinitesimal connection to essence, are involved. This is mostly at a subconscious level, but soul age shifts and the magnitude of their importance are deeply felt at the soul level. The intentionality of the event is then part of the incarnational plan of all souls present during the shift. Even souls that do not live to experience the transition itself are considered part of the preparation.

As a whole, in terms of societal change, the foundation of the work in a soul age transition is largely accomplished during the ordinal stages, with the fourth stage playing a pivotal role in mediation, at both the psychological and cultural levels of a society, to ensure the most peaceful and meaningful transition. Once a state of cardinality is reached in the shift, the earlier pockets of change that initially grew at almost cellular levels, just single units of shifts in consciousness that gradually assembled into larger states of connective tissue, eventually realize increased cohesion, and a collective awareness springs forth. At this point, the cardinalty of the shift has awakened and change is happening across the board and working en masse. For that reason, the first half of a shift is the most agonizing and divisive chapter in a transition. After cardinality has been achieved, the belligerently fractious and assaultive elements that beseiged the formative stages have been smoothed out in favor of replacing the earlier dissonance with a new accord and greater harmony

The majority rule of imprinting in your country, however, is still young soul. This is widely enforced in the branches of your government, your politics, your embrace of capitalism, your obsessions with youth and beauty, your love of competition and sports, your thrill of climbing the ladder of success, your adoption of money as a secular religion, and so on. Gauging the imprinting of a country is an easy marker of how far along a soul age shift has progressed. As a rule, the collective imprinting shifts to the new soul age perspective once the cardinality of the transition has been realized. 

Your nation currently finds itself embroiled in the first part of the ordinal third stage, with the Black Lives Matter movement, the riots, the bitter acrimony that divided your nation during the pandemic, the contentious election, the raid on your Nation’s capital, all examples of the confrontations that come when two disparate ideologies in a country pit themselves against each other.

Four more stages remain until the US shifts from young soul majority to mature. Based on the probabilities available, we estimate this could take another seventy years or longer. Other countries in the world are already ahead of the US in this transition, but there are also enough stragglers that we don't see a mature soul shift encompassing the entire world for at least another several hundred years or more. A shift toward mature soul consciousness, in terms of societal values, however, could be realized much sooner. As mentioned earlier, the value system of a society does not always correlate with the percentages of soul age in a population. An exact estimate is tricky due to the variability involved. Not every mature soul will manifest their true soul age or be consciously aware enough to make a difference.

Some channels have declared the shift in the US as complete and they are correct by a technicality, as the mature soul shift has begun an unalterable slide toward its point of no-return. But the finish line has not been crossed yet.


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