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Another tool that can be used when dealing with a challenging personality is a technique we call "mirroring." This technique can be used to deal with the negative pole of any overleaf, but lets take the attitudes as an example.

If you can identify the negative pole of the attitude projected by a fragment, an effective response is to mirror a reflection of the positive pole from their complementary attitude. For example, if the fragment is in the negative pole of skeptic, try to reflect the positive pole of idealism. The intention is to become a mirror of the most appropriate behavior. This, of course, is a variant on the hands-across technique, but in this case, you are doing the work for the other person. By practicing this, you are employing a fundamental law of social conditioning, where the most consistent pattern of behavior is eventually adopted. If the individual is not completely shut down, this technique can be surprisingly effective.

Questions may arise concerning the manipulative nature of this technique, but we see the technique as a means to help move the energy of another fragment in a positive way. It is, after all, a choice, if someone chooses to adopt the patterns you are modeling.

On the other hand, mirroring is most effective when it is given with a sincere interest in assisting another soul on their journey. Using the technique to simply "get something" from another person, is not good work, and not the purpose we envision when using this tool.

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