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Tonight we come to you, as we always do, with our energy and our understanding. These are qualities for us, not feelings. We do not have feelings, as we have said before. But we enclose what you call feelings within our understanding and offer it back to you as we connect with you all here.

We have a sense that connecting is at the top of the list for discussion tonight. Every creature is connected in some way to something. We do not say to everything, although that is not far from the truth. It is however, a concept that is difficult of expressing. Therefore let us consider being connected in a more simple, more personal way.

Each of you is here because you are connected with each other and with us. This connection forms the energy that we can see, although we know you cannot. If we were to describe it to you it would look like a small vibrating line of light that encircles all of you beginning with us and ending with us. Other times you connect, there is a similar line or cord of light between you and the person or thing you are connecting with. Can you imagine connecting with a thing in the same way that you do a person? Indeed, although the 'connection' is not of the same energy, it is an energy and has some of the same attributes that person to person energy contains.

Why should it matter whether you connect? Because this energy that flows between the sender and the receiver is nourished by both. We remind you that solitude is a choice, that social interaction is a choice, that even though you are sitting in front of a screen looking at words, that you are choosing to be a part of this energy. Many of you feel the alone-ness of solitude and welcome it. Others think they have had it forced on them and wish there could be an end to it.

Something like a scrying glass, you will experience what you expect. We recognize the differences among you and we are able to send and receive as needed for each of you individually. We suspect that you may wish you had this talent! And so you will, eventually. But for the time being, as part of the physical plane, you will each one experience alone-ness or one-ness as your need is expressed. That is a Good Work and will become a support for you, each one of you, as you need it.

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