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Could Michael comment on the basic concept of imprinting?

MICHAEL: Imprinting is the residue that a fragment carries from its earliest birthday to the 4th internal monad and sometimes beyond.

Imprinting is the amalgamation of parental teachings, cultural marks, and personality energy that is absorbed by the child and becomes a part of the human personality.

The manners that are expected in the household, the form of address, the way of speaking, the biases and the hopes that are voiced and implied also are part of imprinting. Body language that is evinced by those around the child as it grows also contributes. The kinds of reading material, or lack of it, is in there, also.

The ideas, hopes, and wonderings of anyone with whom the growing personality comes in contact are processed and retained in what you call the subconscious and become part of imprinting.

The kind of education, or lack of it, the form of authority under which the fragment lives, the selection of music, art, literature, or not, are other imprintings.

When the fragment begins the 4th internal monad there will be a beginning of questioning about much of this. Things, ideas, acceptances that seemed irrevocable in years past become matters of selection. Some will be retained as truly part of the evolving personality. Some will be jettisoned as not a part of the person but where planted by others,

Finishing the 4th internal monad in the positive pole means selecting from the imprinting that the fragment has been carrying for 30 to 40 to perhaps 50 years, only those elements that seem now to belong to the fragment as owner. Some of the parents' ideas, etc., may be retained as fitting the 'real' person, some will be abandoned. The same for all of the other imprints. What remains will be what the fragment considers his/her self.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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