Romantic Breakups and Agreements

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When a romantic breakup happens and people cut off contact, does it follow that all agreements between them are abdicated as well, and is there a way to know? My bf just broke up with me and I was told by Michael when asking about him before that we had a lot of long term agreements, this lifetime.

MICHAEL: An agreement is just that, an agreement. There is no residue of responsibility to honor an agreement in a given lifetime. If the agreement is a relatively serious one, and one of the two fragments abandons it, then an arrangement may be made between lives to try again. Or the two fragments may abrogate the agreement altogether and in effect say to each other: You know, this isn't going to work.

The long term agreements that the fragment Ivy and her male partner made were predicated on a continued relationship. Since that condition has changed, the agreements have become void. Both fragments may come back together in the future, or they may not, but if they do then new agreements will be made and those existing before the parting cease to exist. Remember, agreements depend on both fragments. They are not unilateral and cannot be honored by only one of the participants to the agreements.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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