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What can you tell me about the nature of a Heart Link? Will the connection last, or can it last for the rest of this lifetime? Are they always difficult? 

MICHAEL: A heartlink is formed when two fragments have experienced every possible connection over many lifetimes that human being can form. A heartlink usually cannot be formed until the OLD soul level because it takes many lifetimes to work through all the possible pairings available to fragments. Many of these pairings, we remind you, are less than lovely. They may involve murder, rape, theft, and every conceivable violence perpetrated by one on the other and vice versa. Then, of course, there will be the benign pairings, also. Lovers, relatives, colleagues, friends, and so forth. The heartlink, once formed lasts the rest of the cycle. Usually the two who have it will find each other in any lifetime in which both are incarnate at the same time. They may or may not spend any time together during a given life, depending on circumstances. We also remind you that just because it is called a 'heart' link, there is no guarantee that it is romantically inclined. It only means that two fragments are connected by this close link and will remain so until both have finished the cycle. 

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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