Orin and Daben

In what manner, if any, does each individual person working with Orin and Dabenes's Awakening the Lightbody tapes assist the earth specifically?

MICHAEL: We have often said that there are many teachers working in your world at this time. Each has a specific objective and each goes about fulfilling this objective as it has decided on. The work of the teacher Orin/Debene is to alert those who hear that there is more to life than the physical. This does not materially differ from our own message, nor could it, if it is Truth. We have characterized most of this world's people as moving in a waking sleep. Our mission is to open some of these eyes to a waking wake. This is the same mission that Orin/Daben have undertaken. The only difference is the ears that are hearing. As more hearers of messages awaken, there will be an impact on the earth, physically upon the matter of the earth, which will affect the interaction between humans and their environment. Which will result in changes that will be palpable. Awakening the Lightbody refers to loosening the energy within not only the individual but also that which can be found in nature. Nature, meaning the covering of the planet, its garments of soil and rock and air and flora and fauna, have a synergy that most of you do not feel. Any effort to establish a connection with this energy is Good Work. The work will only be done by individuals. "Society" has no ability to deal with this energy.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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