Timeline of Earth Changes

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Could you comment on the probable timelines for Earth changes, both economic & geological? Current consensus is economic recession starting later this year, and worsening into worldwide depression in subsequent years. Similarly, the environmental Earth changes that have already begun quite noticeably will continue to worsen, with the so-called 'cataclysms' starting in 2009? Any truth to this or do you see things progressing differently?

MICHAEL: As we have said before, the planet Earth is not slated for either exploding or imploding in the future that you can see before you. There are changes in the earth that are part of its own cycle, as well as ones that have been appliquéd onto it by the numbers of people now populating the earth.

Economic recessions come and go, climate changes do also. The last great climate change occurred in your 15th century when much of the northern hemisphere of this planet experienced unusual seasons of great cold. Your history books refer to it as the Little Ice Age.

We do not see that any such change in temperature is a part of your future. There is, however, the very real possibility that coastal regions all over the planet will find that they are being reshaped. Since these areas include a number of very large metropolitan areas with their vast populations, it may be incumbent on those living there to re-think their residence and to take appropriate steps toward moving to higher ground. No amount of diking, walling, sea gating, will hold back the oceans.

What is the time table for this possibility? Over the next 50 years or so. As for economic collapse, there is a strong probability that the whole financial structure of the planet will undergo reorganization. This will result in hardship for many, especially those with much to lose. For those who are presently existing in a marginal financial world anyway, there will be less trauma. We offer this as a likely, that is to say, a probable situation. The planning for a financial reconstruction of the planet's monetary foundation is already being addressed. One of the signs of the beginning of this is the reorganization of the monies of the countries of the European continent. There will be other, probably different, decisions over the next 10 to 20 years which will result in a greater easing of restrictions on international trade and the prosperity that will follow that.

The shadow of capitalism will continue to cover many emerging markets, simply because there is little understanding of alternatives, but here and there alternatives are already in place and are working. We have said in the past and we say again, there is very little likelihood that there will be a total collapse of civilization as you know it.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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