Mohenjo Daro

I'm curious about the Mohenjo Daro / Harappan civilization which was began ~6500 years ago & flourished about 4500 years ago in the Indus Valley. It had seemingly very advanced urban planning, urban services, and monumental architectural structures. No artifacts in art of weaponry supporting a warrior culture, in fact, very little long term warlike behavior has been discovered. Can I get any Michael’s insight on the culture & its source? Ethnic (pre-Aryan?) and/or Linguistic roots? What spiritual teaching was the culture founded on? Pre-Vedic? Any comments on any variation of the above would be appreciated.

MICHAEL: The civilization known as MohenjoDaro did not predate the Vedic tradition, but instead was the instigator of it. Denoting it as Aryan is appropriate, although one must be careful to take into consideration what one means by Aryan. The artifacts extant offer little to connect this culture with any other, simply because there was no other at all approaching its stage of development.

The rise of MohenjoDaro began with a settlement made by refugees from Atlantis, but do not mistake us, these founders were many generations after the fall of Atlantis. They had been slowly working their way across the land for several hundred years before finally arriving at this place on the Asian continent. Further study of this civilization will expose a deeply held tradition of cooperation and organization. The organization is apparent in the construction and planning that has already been excavated. The rest is not so apparent.

Within the next 15 years or so, there will be more to see and appreciate, always supposing that circumstances allow further excavation.

At its height, this civilization numbered some 100,000 fragments, spread over the three cities and the surrounding land. There has been only two cities identified so far. A third will be found.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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