Choosing Guides

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What is the process we go through or considerations we look at for choosing/determining who will be our guides during an incarnation?

MICHAEL: This is an agreement that is made in a kind of conference situation on the astral. There are guides whose job it is to counsel and assist the discarnate fragment in making these choices. Sometimes these choices are of entity mates, sometimes they are from connections with fragments from past lives, sometimes they are recommendations by close friends. The process is much the same as you all go through when you are looking for a doctor or counselor here in life.

The considerations are made relative to the overleaves that are being chosen, the soul level, and other elements that might bring two fragments together. It would not be of much use for there to be even a slight mismatch at this point, would there. Choosing guides is given as much weight as choosing parents. The guide stands very much in loco parentis sometimes. Other times it stands more as a cherished friend. Always it is 'on your side', remember, only without the interference of maya, misconception, and mistaken energies.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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