3rd Internal Monad

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What are the stages of the third internal monad? How am I doing with this monad?

MICHAEL: The third Internal Monad is the one which a soul lives through as a means of separating from childhood, from family in the sense of being dependent, from being the lean-er to being the stand alone-er. It happens at the end of the so called teen years, usually, although for some souls it may last into their early 20s. The stages are simply the practice of the realization that the time of dependency is nearing its end, that the individual is becoming separated from the cloister of the home and is about to set off as a responsible man or woman.

The major element one notices on finishing the 3rd internal monad is the sense of responsibility that one finds one has acquired. That is why we say that it may take longer for some than for others to complete this monad. And unfortunately, for some there is no finish at all. You have all known such a one. He or she may be 65 years old but still be irresponsible.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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