The Tao and Suffering

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I don't really understand why achieving the goal of agape requires so much suffering. Why wouldn't the highest form of love or the essence of the Tao encourage the improvement of conditions on the physical plane for its fragments in order for it to create a more perfect creation?

MICHAEL: When it is suggested that the Tao improve the conditions of the physical plane, it is supposed that the Tao is a master craftsman who operates the physical plane like one would a wind up toy. The physical plane is the result of the creatures who inhabit it. The conditions current are those that have been created by all the creatures, human and otherwise who inhabit it. Remember that the physical plane contains all of creation, not just this planet nor just human beings. And then there is the concept of what constitutes a perfect creation. These are words wrapped in Maya, uttered from the personality and not from the higher self.

Creation is perfect just as it stands. Just as each creature is perfect in each moment of its existence. To think otherwise is to miss the whole concept of creation. As each creature enters into existence on the physical plane certain elements are set in motion that would not be if that creature had not existed. The combination of all the creatures extant make the physical plane what it is. The Tao observes, experiences. It does not 'do'.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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