When Did Mohammad Manifest TS?

At what point in his lifetime did the Transcendental Soul manifest in Mohammed? When was the TS fully manifest?

MICHAEL: As with most Transcendental Soul manifestations, the fragment Mohammad was finished with the 4th Internal Monad when he began to manifest. He was in his 5th decade and the first inkling that there was something different about him came with the first exposition of what would later be called the Qu'ran. Legend has it that the Angel Gabriel appeared in the sky during one of his meditations in the mountains and offered the first suras. This is only partly true. It was the way this fragment explained what was in fact an internal conception of the mission he was about to undertake, and his first exposure to the energy of the Transcendental Soul within him.

Further, the Transcendental Soul remained with the fragment Mohammad from that time until his death as he devoted the rest of his life to the altering of the world view of his surroundings.

We will say at this time that the Transcendental Soul can exist in the body of a human being without that personality having to vacate the premises. Unlike the Infinite Soul, which needs for the original owner of the body to leave, the Transcendental Soul will not harm its host. When the Infinite Soul manifests in a body its very high plane energy will totally consume it in a short time. The Transcendental Soul, being a lesser energy, can co-habit with the human owner without causing danger to the host.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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