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I am asking if Michael would give a dissertation on the idea of color. I am an artist; I work with color and reference the meaning of color through observation. With the chakras I find, obviously, green is love, yet I observe that what comes through the auric field where green is envy is also valid. I’ve listened to you guys talk about different incarnations and levels of where one is at having different resonances with color, so I would love a generic explanation of color.

MICHAEL: We would enjoy doing that. Since we are coming to the end of this time we would also invite all of you listening to see this as a meditation and to focus in on the collective energy that is erasing any remaining difficult energy that is in the space in which we are in and filing it with love, and noticing that you are feeling better when you are doing that, and notice that your ability to take care of yourself, to replace what is uncomfortable with what is comfortable, and to experience the joy of color.

One of the delights that people experience when they leave their physical body through astral travel or pass over is that they suddenly notice there are a lot more colors that they didn’t know about. There is no way to explain them because your physical brain doesn’t register them. Just the idea that there are more colors to be experienced should be a source of great pleasure to all those who love color.

The precise shade of a color has a surprisingly large impact on human experience. Now, interpretation of a color also is somewhat subjective. You mentioned green for envy. That relates to a certain energy that comes up in the auric field when someone is envious. It would be a shade of green that is not so pleasant because it is polluted by the negative emotion. On the other hand most of the natural shades of green that you see in a forest - and there are many different kinds of green - you would see there are all delightful because they are not being blocked or distorted by an unhealed emotion but are full of the expression of nature.

No color is more intrinsically spiritual than another. The blues are obviously more connected with the faster vibrations but there is nothing unspiritual about red. The fact is that you need all the colors in balance in your life to feel your best.
In your home environment the best decorating for you will be those that hold the colors that you need to see the most in your environment. If you live with other people, then you would want to go for a good balance that works for everyone. But certainly the individual’s bedroom could most reflect that person’s color needs. These needs also can change.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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