Essence Boredom

Question: Is everyone’s Essence bored?

In this society, we would say the majority, yes. To stimulate it, of course, it must be 
presented with challenges, not struggles.

When the Essence has to struggle, it refuses. Struggling is not worth the effort and it 
knows this. Insoluble problems are good examples of struggles that the Personality 
loves and the Essence flees from through boredom. 

Question: What is Essence challenge?

Spiritual growth, for example. All forms of studious endeavor when undertaken for the 
sheer joy of the undertaking. Some forms of religious pursuit. Work that is in Essence 
[Role]. That is to say, for instance, painting was in Essence for the Old Artisan Raphael 
and his Essence was not bored. 

Question: What is in Essence for Warriors besides fighting?

Many positions involving administrations and leadership. Even supervisory positions in 
public recreation areas. We know of many Mature and Old Warriors in this country now 
working as park rangers and their Essences are not bored.
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