Reasons For Alcoholism

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ALCOHOLISM (Reasons for)

Q. As a former drug and alcohol counselor it seems to me that people have very different reasons for alcoholism. Can Michael comment on the various reasons people drink? In other words do different soul ages and overleaves effect the reasons for drinking problems? How about body types?

MICHAEL: All these things play a part. Basically, many bodies find alcohol pleasurable because it interrupts the mind's ability to impose tensions on it. If a person has disciplined his mind not to impose unnecessary tensions on the body, alcohol will have little appeal.

Q. What percentage of human beings have achieved that discipline?

MICHAEL: Few, but a large minority are free enough from excessive tensions for alcohol not to be particularly attractive.

Q. For those who haven't, please comment on using alcohol to relax.

MICHAEL: This is a choice. In moderation, it is not a problem.

Q. What about the connoisseur and others who like the taste?

MICHAEL: That is also a choice, and often hearkens back to past lives in which the soul was a vintner.

Q. What about the use of "light libation" as part of true rest?

MICHAEL: For some, drinking is not just about the drink consumed but is part of a ritual of creating a space for relaxation; it is the setting aside of time for self not unlike meditation.

Q. How much drinking results in a significant loss of brain cells? Health?

MICHAEL: One light drink a day does not result in a significant loss of brain cells and can actually aid health, especially in those who do not otherwise eat or drink enough fruit or other healthy acids such as apple cider vinegar.

Q. Which roles and overleaves have a greater problem with alcohol abuse?

MICHAEL: Obviously, self-destruction; also greed. Jovial and venusian body types tend to be more indulgent. All roles can enjoy alcohol, especially in social situations, because it is associated with conviviality--one doesn't normally associate alcohol with work. Sages and artisans, who specialize in socializing, can be particularly vulnerable to overdoing it. Also, with their more sensitive natures, alcohol can be attractive for dulling unwanted feelings. On the other hand, warriors and kings tend to have sturdy constitutions and can enjoy alcohol in large quantities as a way to intensify feelings by allowing their defenses to come down.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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