Channeling Witchhunts

Q: What are your thoughts about invalidating Michael channels, or 
those who say they channel Michael? In other words, witch hunts. 

A: Any endeavor that results in the condemnation of another is not 
what was intended when we originally taught about validation. There 
is little value in criticism when it doesn't emanate from a place of 
love. To dismiss another is to dismiss yourself, and all hope of 
achieving anything good from the action is ultimately lost. There 
will, however, be lessons learned from such choices. 

A student who requests contact with us will make contact. Period. 
Whether or not they choose to listen or lack the innate skills to 
maintain a fruitful exchange, is not as important as the act itself. 
Every connection made to us, no matter how small, enhances the scope 
of the teachings and this is good work. 

We are here to guide our students with or without the help of a 
channel. We do this both intellectually and energetically. If a 
channel is blocking our transmission, either purposely or due to a 
fundamental lack, we are quite capable of planting the necessary seed 
in the mind of any student who requests our guidance. 

Channeled by Dave Gregg
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