Seth's Nine Families of Consciousness


Q. Seth has described 9 families of consciousness that exist in the universe. Is there any terminology in the Michael Teachings that would describe these families? For example, are these families actually cadres, entities, or maybe roles? 

SETH'S 9 FAMILIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Gramada - to found social systems; Sumafi - to transmit originality through teachings; Tumold - to heal, regardless of individual occupation; Vold - to reform the status quo; Milumet - to mystically nourish mankind's psyche; Zuli - to serve as physical, athletic models; Boreledim - to provide earth stock for species via parenthood; Ilda - to spread and exchange ideas; Sumari - to provide cultural, spiritual, & artistic heritage for species. 

MICHAEL: These families of consciousness are not attached to particular souls but provide a way to delineate foci for series of lifetimes for individual fragments. For example, you might have a series of four lifetimes focusing on reforming some aspect of society; you would then be drawing on a discrete consciousness called "Vold" here. 

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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